I’m Not Sambo’s Stooge, Says Yero •Denies Asking Supporters To Attack Opposition

Mukhtar Ramalan YeroGovernor of Kaduna State, Mukhtar Ramalan Yero on Saturday denied being a stooge of Vice President Namadi Sambo, under who Yero served as a commissioner when he was the governor of the state, as many might have concluded.

He faulted insinuations in some quarters that Mr. Sambo tele-guided him from Abuja on how the state resources should be utilised.

Yero also refuted claims that he called on his supporters in the state to engage in violent confrontation that might lead to a breakdown of law and order in the state.

The governor, who denied the allegations in a Hausa phone-in program of the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria monitored in Kaduna, said he only urged his supporters to rise up and defend themselves whenever the opposition attacked and tried to destroy their property.

According to Yero, self defence is a duty incumbent upon any human being.

He said, “Whoever Knows me know that I am an advocate of peace and since I became governor of the state, I have been doing all I could to ensure that we have peace in the state.

The governor added, “In fact, my love for peaceful coexistence in spite of provocations could be why some have said I’m patient to a fault. I have never made any provocative statement, despite the fact that I’ve been insulted on Facebook and in other places. Those working with me, I everyday admonish them on the need for peace.

“As deputy governor, I had witnessed what happened during the post 2011 election crisis. I felt I shouldn’t just keep quiet and watch a repeat performance of what happened then”.

Gov. Yero, while refuting allegations that he was a stooge of the vice president, said such assertions were completely baseless and misleading as Sambo had never interfered in his work as the governor.

He also insisted that he had never released the state money to Sambo.