T.B. Joshua Reveals 2015 Prophecies


At a candle light vigil service held to usher in the New Year 2015 at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua declared 2015 to be ‘the year of good morning’.

In the energetic service broadcast live on Christian television station Emmanuel TV, Joshua admonished congregants on the need to ‘worship God in Spirit’ in a sermon titled, ‘Discovering your real value’.

“Christianity lies in the heart,” he told the multitude of worshippers, adding that merely observing religious ceremonies does not signify genuine Christianity.

The crowds, including a huge array of foreign guests sporadically waving their national flags, thronged every available space within the sprawling church complex, even spilling onto the adjoining roads.

“If you are expecting a New Year, you must be pure in heart,” he stressed, reminding the faithful of Jesus Christ’s words in Matthew 5:8. “If not, the troubled year of 2014 will continue in 2015,” he warned.

Although Joshua uncharacteristically did not give his yearly prediction, his message conveyed that the troubles witnessed worldwide throughout 2014 would persist in 2015 but genuine Christians would grow stronger through them.

“No matter what this coming year brings, if you are more of God, your trials are the soil in which your faith will flourish,” he enjoined the congregation.

He stressed that the freedom the Bible speaks of in John 8:36 is spiritual not physical, insisting that a ‘free spirit,’ was needed for Christians to enjoy peace throughout 2015. “This liberation of your spirit is all you need to have the best year,” he stated.

“You just need a Word from God to change the course of your life,” Joshua continued. “God said I should give you the Word – Good Morning! Instead of saying ‘Happy New Year’, say ‘Good Morning’. 2014 was the afternoon but now we are going to the morning. This Word is anointed.”

The cleric revealed that from henceforth, irrespective of the actual time of the day, Christians should maintain the greeting, ‘Good morning’, insisting that a spiritual blessing was attached to such proclamation.

Among the nearly 2,000 foreign guests in attendance at the ‘crossover service’ were 44 family members of those who tragically died when a building collapsed within the church compound on September 12th 2014.

Earlier in the day, Joshua had called on his Facebook followers to submit their prayer requests for 2015; almost 100,000 responses were posted in a matter of hours.

Source: Nigerian Monitor


  1. Sir ,I need prayers concerning my job and a life partiner,am 32years old ,am tired of dis jobless life and lonely life ..man of God plsss pray 4 me

  2. I want my financial life to change this year I tried through out last year I could not get a contract this it must not be the same please pray for me.

  3. Daddy,pls pray 4 me so dat GOD should see me and my family through dis year,prosperity,progress,I want GOD 2 bless me and my hubby 4 us 2 have our own business,GOD should provide money 4 us 4 our marriage,GOD should open doors of breakthrough 4 me and my hubby,GOD should grant me and my hubby wat ever we ask of him ,GOD should change de story of my family,GOD should move my mum and her hubby 4ward,GOD should make me and my hubby multi millionaires and billionaires,Gud health,divine intervention,tanks sir GOD bless.

  4. Sir i need gud luk & succes mercy favour divine connection in my life let God do a new thing in my life let him bless me more & protection in my life Amen.

  5. Daddy pls pray 4 me that God should have mercy nd deliver me nd my entire fAmily nd linage frm satanic,witchcraft nd idolic capitivity,God should give us rivAlval nd restoration finanncialy.spiritualy,physicaly nd acedemily in JESUS name

  6. prophet good morning please pray for me concerning my life,i want to be independent on my own this year i also want the bone of my bone in Jesus name amen.

  7. prophet good morning please pray for me concerning my life,i want to be independent on my own this year i also want the bone of my bone in Jesus name amen

  8. Good morng sir pls pray for me to gain emlployment this yr sir. also to get married to the woman God want me to marry thanks sir God bless youv sir

  9. Daddy pls I commit my family in2 ur hands,pray 4us,evri hardship shal turn in2 testimony,nd let our helpers who hz 4gotn us locate us IJN.sir I nid divine connection nd employment 4my brothers nd loved ones.thank u sir

  10. Good morning,man of god,i want god to reveal to remove fake man in my life that said they want to marry me and give me my husband who will fear god,care for me and lov me somuch,pray for me i will be among the people that they will promote.

  11. Daddy I need favour and peace in marriage,and for me to grow in faith ,papa for double promotion in my husband job and my bussince to grow very well.above al to keep my kids frm evill of dis world.Dank u man of God

  12. Good morning daddy. in this year let there be great change in my life and family.pray that they change should touch every membr of my family. I want to setle down this year, pls pray for me so that I will recongnize my man wen he comes. And that God should remove those that are not meant to be from my life before I make mistake.

  13. Man of God good morning to u & ur family. pls pray 4 me to have additional children, pray 4 my husband to a have good job & a change of work dis year so dat we dn’t continue to struggle and also pray me to excel in all my endeavour, success in my academic and protection over my child & entire family. God bless u sir

  14. Holy spirit take more of me and feel me of more of you and my family this year in Jesus name. Thank you Lord for the blessings, protection and financial break though that you have given us this year. We thank you for the international business connections that have come to our business. Jesus we pray for wisdom as we handle big contracts, let us not detach ourselves from your word of wisdom through bible readings.

  15. Goodmorning man of God. Pls pray for the fruit of d womb for me, nd also good health, appointment for my husband and open doors of favour. I also want u to pray against untimely death in my family. God bless us!

  16. I wonder the type of Christians we have this days!!! Christian should learn how to pray for themselves. Stop depending on man of God to pray for you. Go to your inner chamber talk to your God He is not deef to hear your pray. If you are sinner giver your life to God and will grant you your heart desires!!! Am disappointed with this present christians!!

  17. Good morning man of God. Please pray for me that God should help me resolve my life situation and also protect my children. I want God to come in to my life.

  18. Man of God pls pray for me, I need a break through in my life and my family, I stay in south africa, I need God protection upon my business, my life and my family, pray for me for more customers upon my business so I will be able to come to nigeria this year xmas and also to get money to settle my dept.

  19. Man of God pls pray for me since I got job in 2007 I have not achieved anything. I confess I have been ungrateful to God by not paying my tithe promptly. I will change this 2015. I ask for forgiveness and I know that merciful father has forgiven me Amen. Sir I loss my Dad on the 28 of Dec, 2014 and he’s been deposited in the morgue, I pray for financial open doors so that I can get money to bury my Dad. I want to go to school, train my wife and children. And I want to marry my wife. I am believing God for all my heart desires this 2015 in Jesus name Amen

  20. Pls Prophet pray dat it will b “good morning” in my health,all round breakthrough & divine gift of a lasting job. Remain blessed IJN…Amen!!!

  21. Daddy… I really wish to have my document this year here in italy. I am a assylum seeker over here and i have been given negative concerning the document in question. My lawyer is handling my case. By the grace of God may he(lawyer)win the document for me in no-time this year AMEN

  22. Prophet T.B Joshua pls sir prays for me n speaks into my life, Since 2012 i hav been struggling to get federal govt job but yet proved abortive, pls sir pray for me to achieve dis soonest bcos i really believed dat u are up to d task to bring joy and smile into my life tru lord jesus Christ d only son of God. God blessed u sir. Thanks

  23. Daddy i blive u d very first time i had abt u, dat u re a ture man of God sent 4rm heven 2 save d children of God. Pls i need ur prayers in my life and in d life of my husband, pls daddy i need a job and i hv summited my CV in so many big places but dey hv nt called me. Sir pls speak world abt my job and i knw it ll com 2 pass. Daddy pls pray 4 my famillies my brodas and sista, let God favour locate us in Jesus name Amen

  24. sir man of GOD i need a break through to help me live my life to serve GOD to live this bad life am living nw please man of GOD pray for me i wnt to serve GOD i am a soldier and my work does nt give me chance to serve GOD and i am inlove IN SERVING GOD

  25. Daddy please pray for me, I want to go back to USA this year before this year 2015 Christmas to study there with Scholarships and let me come out in flying Excellence, Success and Distinctions in all the Exams I am going to take there and through out my lifetime and I also want my parents and siblings to celebrate this year 2015 Christmas in their own house and I don’t. Care how the money will come for the house building but we need Miracle money from Parents, siblings Jobs and from wealthy people of the World. I want my name to be among one of the great people in the World. THANKS and I wait forward to GOD’S positive reply and answer . AMEN


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