We Intend To Expose General Buhari For What He Really Is – PDP

General Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) presidential campaign organisation (PCO) says it knows about the atrocities of Muhammadu Buhari as head of state and will make them public as the campaign issue to Nigerians in the next few weeks.

The Director of Media and Publicity of PCO, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, made this known while addressing a press conference at Legacy House, Maitama, Abuja, the headquarters of the campaign organisation, on Wednesday. He said that the campaign would convince Nigerians that Buhari was not the right person to lead the country.

“We wish to inform you that it is our intention to run a clean campaign based on facts, figures and issues.

“We shall not indulge in the type of cheap propaganda, mud-slinging and deceit that the APC and its presidential candidate have been indulging in over the last few weeks and months, but it is our full intention to expose General Buhari for what he really is, what he stands for and the great danger that his candidacy portends for the unity of the Nigerian state and the peace and well-being of the Nigerian people.

“More importantly, we shall let the world know about the sterling performance of our candidate, President Jonathan, over the last four years and we shall make a strong case and appeal to the Nigerian people to grant him the privilege and opportunity to serve a second term.

“We believe that we have reached a crossroads in our nation’s history and that the forthcoming presidential election is a battle for the very soul and destiny of Nigeria.

“We believe that it is a struggle between light and darkness. We believe that General Buhari represents the darkness and that President Jonathan represents the light.

“We believe that General Buhari represents a return to an ugly past, which is best forgotten, while President Jonathan represents our hope for a greater and better future.

“We believe that the APC, on which platform General Buhari is contesting the presidential election, represents everything that is unholy and unwholesome in our society and that the PDP represents all that is decent and good,” Fani-Kayode said.


  1. It’s a lies PDP is not a good party all people in that party they are touts,no matter what you said about Buhari we are going to vote for him unless you rig it and God will not give u that chance,PDP u are all thieves.

  2. After exposure what next,Nigerian are not interested in all these make una face the campaigns not propaganda..we are yearning for development u are talking of exposure u better wake-up before its too late for you.

  3. If u want change in Nigeria,,, reduce all politician allowances and Money.Let Nigeria b like america,Let all citizen of Nigeria Have an entitle TO monthly salary in respective of tranbalisms.If u DO This u will create Job 4 We graduate.

  4. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo is
    one of those people that release words
    from their mouth before they think. I
    want Obasanjo to know that global
    economic recession started when he left
    office. Most countries were affected
    including United States, Europe, and other
    global economic powers. In additional to
    the global economic situation, Nigeria as a
    nation has fought two civil wars. The first
    is the Niger delta crisis. The second is the
    Boko Haram war that is taking place in the
    NE. These two wars were caused by bad
    leadership from past Nigeria leaders.
    President Olusegun Obasanjo also
    contributed to the bad leadership.
    Presently, any Nigeria leader that comes
    after your tenure in office has to provide
    solutions to your mistakes and other
    mistakes caused by your predecessors. For
    you to say you are the only wise man
    under the sun is wrong. Money has to be
    spent to manage these wars which were
    created by your ill, selfish, and poor
    decision making. General Olusegun
    Obasanjo spent $16 billion on electricity
    (NEPA) and he could not deliver electricity
    to Nigeria. Manbilla Plateau dam was
    waiting for you to build, you couldn’t build
    it. This is pot calling kettle black. Honestly
    I will praise you for the debts you paid and
    other savings carried out by you. Most of
    Nigeria debts were written off by the
    World economic powers. It could only
    happen through the expertise of (Mrs.
    Ngozi: sorry for not putting her last name)
    the present minister of Finance in
    President Goodluck Jonathan
    administration. Note the external reserve
    and excess crude oil money had started
    depreciating before you left office because
    the Niger delta war started during your
    last administration which you couldn’t
    manage due to your poor leadership skills
    and your know all syndrome. It was
    President Yaradu and Goodluck Jonathan
    that brought final solution to the Niger
    delta war. But note the Niger delta issue is
    still not over because Niger delta region
    and people ambition is to control 100%
    their God given natural resources which
    you cannot take from them. The problem
    of Boko haram started during your
    administration which you did not handle
    well and you transferred it to President
    Yaradu. The problem of Boko haram was
    created by the north to bring down your
    administration and President Goodluck
    Jonathan administration. It is northern
    part of Nigeria that is responsible for the
    bleeding or depreciation of our natural
    reserve and excess crude oil money. I
    would advise you to encourage other parts
    of the country to contribute proportionally
    to the natural reserve and excess crude oil
    account. Don’t you think the Niger delta
    contribution has played his part? Let me
    take you down memory lane. The Niger
    delta people and region is like a woman
    that had given birth to kids to a man. After
    the woman has given birth to the kids the
    man would open his mouth and say to the
    woman you are useless and you don’t
    have leadership skills. Don’t you know you
    suppose to save for raining days? Tell
    other parts of the country to contribute to
    the national cake and you wouldn’t be
    saying your statement. The problem is
    that the national cake is depreciating and
    the children are crying.
    Nigerians and politicians will never learn
    their lessons. This is a man that openly
    said he will spread sharia all over Nigeria
    in a conference in 2001.There is nothing
    new about Dictator General Buhari. There
    is no difference between Dictator General
    Buhari’s regime and Dictator General
    Abacha’s regime.General Buhari said the
    Nigeria army was waging a war against the
    north and Moslems. Is this the man we
    want to rule a secular Nigeria? I am so
    surprised that some people and some
    south west politicians are trying to
    repackage evil and give it a good
    name.When Buhari was head of state
    Nigeria was being governed under the
    influence of fear.A modern society will not
    operate under the influence of fear.
    Buhari is just waiting quietly to get to Aso
    rock villa God forbid If he gets there, the
    south west will know his true color.When
    Abacha was dealing with Nigerians Buhari
    was his right hand man and he benefited
    heavily from Abacha’s administration.If
    General Sani Abacha is not corrupt? Let
    APC , some south west politicians, and
    General Buhari give us the definition of
    corruption. General Buhari should be
    placed in front of Nigerians in a TV station
    and he should tell Nigerians if General
    Abacha was corrupt.I have always said
    it.The issue of corruption, insecurity, and
    incompetence allegation against President
    Goodluck Jonathan is a strategy to give a
    bad name to President Goodluck
    Jonathan. Former President Obansanjo
    should also give us the definition of
    corruption in front of Nigerians in a
    national TV.As at last year the money
    Abacha stole is still being returned to
    Nigeria. Heaven forbid if Buhari becomes
    Nigeria President there will be two laws in
    Nigeria. One for the ordinary Nigerians
    and one for the northerns.He did it during
    the days he was head of state.Let
    Nigerians remember the traditional ruler
    from the north that was involved in
    currency trafficking. He was not charged
    and from the order of General Buhari the
    case was buried.While our famous Fela
    Ranson kuti was jailed for similar offense.
    Let Pastor Osinbajo reply to this
    statement. I will like pastor Osinbajo and
    General Buhari to sit down together and
    tell Nigerians if General Abacha was
    corrupt or not. Nigerians should
    remember there are lots of fake men of
    God.At the end of this election we will be
    able to differentiate the genuine ones
    from the fake. This is the only country that
    a pastor /man of God will pray for 419ners
    and corrupt Nigerians for stealing the
    money of gentiles and Nigeria.Time will
    tell.History will reject Nigerians and judge
    our IQ if General Buhari is elected as
    Nigeria President. How will a 72 years old
    man give us a modern economy and
    civilization. The days of Baba go slow,
    former governor of Lagos state (Otedola)
    should be reviewed and it should be a
    lesson to all Nigerians.

  5. We are talking of a govt dat has failed after six years of ruling and stil looking for undeserving more 4 years but this man is talking nonsense. Is he saying we shud continue like dis? CAPITAL NO! CHANGE IS INEVITABLE no amount of propaganda wil avert it by Gog’s grace. Can some1 shout change!

  6. Is just a pity that Femi could call GEJ a light. Anyways am not surprised,cos even femi him self is just a mere alarmist and a public nuisance who talks without checking his words if they are rily reasonable or not. After 6yrs of ruling of GEJ nothing good to point out is only a fool and an imbecile that will cast his or her vote for GEJ.

  7. I dey laf,..becos I believe the PDP within APC, wisely ensured the emergence of Buhari to make it easy for JONATHAN to win. PDP also used their machineries within APC to impose the VP for Buhari who could not even make a choice sensing that all APC potentials are corrupt.
    An unpopular Yemi or yomi osibanjo or ob sanjo, was carefully selected to ensure that southwest will be confused in his person. But who is YEMI banjo. Buhari has never won any election, he can’t win, and will never win.
    Am here already thinking of who takes over after Jonathan. Buhari, NO God forbid. At the dying minutes as usual, the real southwest and Northerners will still vote Jonathan.
    Yemi Pls consult Bakare, his experience matters a lot now. The Northerners are tire of shedding blood. The slogan of Blood, blood from the presidential candidate is a stigma not to be swept under the carpet.