Why The North Will Vote Jonathan Again – PDP


President Goodluck Jonathan will beat the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Muhammadu Buhari in the north, come February 14, 2015.

This was the assertion of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), which noted that President Jonathan’s soaring popularity among the voting population across the country is an evidence.

Speaking through its National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, in a statement, Saturday, the party said President Jonathan will beat Buhari with more than two-third of the total votes cast, as well as the required 25 percent in all the states of the federation.

Metuh noted that this was not only because the PDP controls 12 out of the 19 states of the region, but also because the citizens are pleased with the numerous development projects he executed in the region.

The PDP said the various projects and appointments in the north have placed Jonathan ahead of Buhari in the mind of the people of the north, especially due to the fact that the APC presidential candidate never executed any project in the region when he was head of state and has so far failed to articulate an acceptable blue-print for development.

“Indeed, Nigerians in the north are eager to re-elect President Goodluck Jonathan come February 14, 2015. Voters in the region appreciate the direct positive impact of the numerous development projects executed by the Jonathan administration in all sectors of life.

“They appreciate the fact that recognizing that agriculture is the mainstay of the northern economy, President Jonathan ensured that out of the 2.7 million direct farm jobs achieved by his administration, over 2 million are in the north.

“They appreciate the fact that President Jonathan established the e-wallet system, which eliminated the corruption in the distribution of fertilizer and other farmputs, making the products directly accessible to millions of farmers in the region thereby boosting their productivity. They appreciate the fact that silos are brimming and food pyramids are returning in the north.

“In education, President Jonathan’s imprint in the north remains indelible. Today, the once relegated Almajiri boys can now go to school following the establishment of the Almajiri System of Education, the first of its kind, with over 150 special schools already built, while others are nearing completion, a noble idea, General Buhari never thought of when he was head of state.

“Also, out of the 14 new universities established by President Jonathan, 9 are located in the northern states thereby ensuring that all states of the region have a federal university. This is in addition to the establishment of new secondary schools and training of teachers for quality education in the region.

“Furthermore our citizens in the north are happy with President Jonathan for his efforts in tackling desertification in the region especially with the establish of more than 80 km of 15–row Green Belt in addition to the Presidential Initiative on Afforestation in Kano and 10 other Northern States”.

Another reason cited by the PDP was the increased attention given to the health needs of the region, especially the interventions towards polio eradication and treatment of VVF among others.

The party also noted that roads in the region, that have been abandoned for long have received serious attention under Jonathan, citing the Kano-Maiduguri highway, the longest stretch in the country.

Other projects cited by the party include revitalization of the railways, especially the rehabilitation of the Minna-Kaduna-Zaria-Kano narrow gauge, the Markurdi-Lafia-Kuru-Bauchi-Gombe-Ashaka-Maiduguri line and the branch line from Kafanchan to Kaduna, the dredging of the River Niger from Lokoja to Baro in Niger State, the acceleration of work on the Geregu power station, the 700MW Zungeru Hydro-Power, the ‎3,050MW Mambilla Hydro-Power and various dam projects including the Kashimbila Multipurpose Dam, which is being built to contain flood from Lake Nyos in Cameroon.


  1. I dont see the need for any elections because contesting against buhari is the same thing as going unopposed for GEJ. even buhari wont vote for himself because if he’s saying that he’ll lead nigeria well he’s lying.

  2. MasterCard made Nigeria its regional headquarters for its West/East and Indian Ocean islands zone raising the profile of Nigeria’s e-commerce industry. That i am a huge beneficiary of, i endorse my president for continuation.

  3. Revival of the Textile industry was possible under GEJ’s administration via the 150 billion Naira Textile Industry Bailout. As a result the United Nigerian Textile Limited was reactivated amongst others and 2000 employees re-engaged.

  4. In GEJ government, we no longer import tomatoes, rice, cement and many other products, even cars importation is being controlled with high tax in order to sell Nigerian made cars, GEJ is doing it, that’s more reason for we to vote him again.

  5. There is no country in the world that can win war on terror because it is an ideology. You can kill as many terrorist as you want but you cannot kill nor defeat the ideology. I mean you cannot defeat a suicidal man by killing him because that is his mission anyway. He is ready to die, he wants to die, so killing him is only aiding his cause and creating room for more to take his place. My point is there is no government that can defeat or eradicate blinded ideology of hatred by military muscle. The United State discretionary spending on defense is between 555 and 680 billion dollars. The total budget of Nigerian is about 20 billion dollars. Meaning what America is going to spend on defence this year 2015 is more than the sum total of Nigerian budget since gaining independence in 1960 till date. Guess what, the huge American defence budget and the most sophisticated military in the history of humanity have not been able to defeat or eliminate terrorism. If the war on terror was a war between United States and another nation, we all know United States would have long overrun that nation; but ideology on the other hand resides in the mind of those that hold such views making it impossible to know who your enemies are. Those that think they can fight and or defeat a faceless enemy needs to have a rethink. The solution is educating the feeder team to make it impossible for the terrorist to recruit and brainwash young fertile minds. And I think President Goodluck Jonathan has moved the mark in that direction by investing massively in almajiri education in northern Nigeria. The Boko Haram operatives equally understands the efficacy of the president’s strategy hence their continues attack on schools. Though the president is far from perfect but I see a system if giving another four years can lay a very solid foundation for prosperity. So use your PVC wisely by voting President Goodluck Jonathan for another four years.

  6. The effort of GEJ cannot be over emphasized. The north can presently boast of visible improvements in various sectors including the agricultural, academic, health, transportation and poverty alleviation. The voting of GEJ in the north will be done without even looking at the spaces provided for any other party

  7. Am not p-square, but i PERSONALLY think jonathan should come again,am sure the north would render a reasonable share of votes.

  8. As we have watched Jonathan respond in a quiet reasoned manner to crisis after crisis, in both the way he has responded after being attacked and lied about , to his reasoned response to our multiplying national crises, what we see is the spirit of a trusted family doctor with a great bedside manner. Jonathan is perfectly suited to hold our hand and lead us through some very tough times. The word panic is not in the Jonathan dictionary.
    Jonathan brings a moral clarity to his leadership reserved for those who have had to work for everything they’ve gotten and had to do twice as well as the person standing next to them because of the region they come from . His experience of succeeding in spite of his social background could have been embittering or one that fostered a spiritual rebirth of forgiveness and enlightenment. Jonathan radiates the calm inner peace of the spirit of forgiveness.
    Speaking as a believing Nigerian I see the hand of a merciful God in Jonathans Presidency.


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