CNPP Warns Jonathan Against Further Politicization Of Armed Forces

GEJ-ArmyThe Conference of Nigerian Political Parties, CNPP, has warned that any further move by President Goodluck Jonathan to politicise and manipulate the Armed Forces will be antithetical to the survival of our fledgling democracy and the continued corporate existence of the nation.

The CNPP, in a statement signed by its National Publicity Secretary, Mr. Osita Okechukwu, therefore, appealed to the president, to hence forth stop the politicization of the Nigerian Armed Forces in the collective interest of the nation.

According to the umbrella body of registered political parties, “We are of the candid view that the Nigerian Armed Forces is one institution that must by all means be spared from the vagaries of politics”.

The CNPP pointed out that, “For regimes come and go and the Armed Forces remains as the epitome of our unity and common unity factor.”

“CNPP is appalled that President Jonathan who should be rated as the luckiest beneficiary of the Nigerian Project; one who became deputy governor, governor, vice president and president with less sweat, wittingly or unwittingly playing into the hands of enemies of our dear country, who predicted that Nigeria is going to disintegrate.

“CNPP views President Jonathan as an Auto-Pilot, who if not halted by eminent Nigerians and the international community is heading towards a dangerous route.

“We are gravely worried, when we see the same Anything Goes Advisers, to name but a few, Colonel Sambo Dasuki, Chief Anthony Anenih, Dr Doyen Okupe, General David Mark, Colonel Ahmadu Ali,  who led the former military president General Ibrahim Babaginda to the ignoble annulment of 1993 June 12 presidential election in the cock-pit of Jonathan’s jet”.


  1. Where is CNPP on the Poltical map of Nigeria? Perhaps they want to be noticed that’s the reason for their stupid comment about the President and the Armed Forces

  2. CNPP keep on telling them that we are aware of all what they are trying. They wanted to policitise the armed forces so that it will easy for them to manipulate our Votes. We are praying day and night whatever their plan is will failed by GOD Grace. Ameen

  3. CNPP,we are all entitled to our different opinions,so if that is your own opinion,then keep it to yourself because it lacks in so many regard…..GEJ has been a good leader to you and me…

  4. CNPP is confused,I can see that their conclusion was drawn from sentiments, what business of theirs is it if the President has served the country in different capacities..
    UP GEJ

  5. We should come together and work with President Jonathan as a team to be able to handle the vices of the evil one….together we stand, divided we fall

  6. Prof. Attahiru Jega and his 22 out of 37 Resident Electoral Commissioners must be watched closely as they appear to be dancing on a strange rhythm that is simply not in accordance with President Goodluck Jonathan wonderful policy of One Man One Vote.

  7. Jonathan is focused and determined to deliver the dividends of democracy to Nigerians. No amount of allegations will stop Nigeria from moving forward.

  8. For the records, Jonathan’s administration has implemented counter-terrorism joint training programmes for the Nigerian military with the United States and United Kingdom. [2] Implemented Operation Restore Order, to cut down on the activities of Boko Haram in Borno and Yobe states and environs and [3] Conducted mass recruitment to bolster the ranks of security agencies. He takes security very seriously! Let’s support GEJ!


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