FG Plotting To Create Fake Shekau To Link Buhari With Terrorism – APC Presidential Campaign

buhari-shekauThe All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Organisation has raised the alarm about reports of a fake Abubakar Shekau (Boko Haram leader) allegedly being paraded by the Federal Government, which it alleges the government intends to use to create an impression that it is winning the war on terrorism.

The party said it had been alerted by credible sources that the fake Shekau might become a tool to blackmail members of the opposition “by coaching the phantom terror chief” to say he was working for the opposition party’s flag bearer, Maj. Gen Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), in order to link him to terrorism as it had attempted but failed in the past.

A statement by the Director of Media and Publicity of the APCPCO, Malam Garba Shehu, wondered where the “new Shekau” would emerge from after government, at several times in the past, announced that it had killed the insurgents’ leader.

“The charge to the military, that they should catch Shekau alive by the President in the last 24 hours, lends credence to the report that indeed a fake Shekau is about being created”, it said.

The statement noted that “the profile of the leader of the insurgents, Shekau, of a dedicated ideologue”, presupposed that the man was not likely to allow himself to be caught alive.

“It is both contradictory to the ideology he preaches and the psychological profile that the world has of him that Shekau would allow himself to be caught alive”, the statement said.

The campaign organization recalled that the attack in Kaduna on Buhari was believed by most Nigerians that it was perpetrated by the Boko Haram.

It added, “The police that are constitutionally empowered to investigate and report on such incidents have not contradicted the widespread belief that this was a Boko Haram’s attack.

“The view of the APC is that it does not make sense for General Muhammadu Buhari to be in league with, or be associated in any way with people who have set out to kill him”.


  1. Why are you so anxcious they have not even cash shekau u have come on news papper God almighty would reveal all those who are behaind insugency be it APC or PDP all there sponsurers God would punish them all the blood of those innocent nigerians would not sleep until they take there revenge.

  2. Coming up with such news when Shakau is not yet caught is a big disgrace. Are u trying to suggest that GMB’s hand is involved in Boko Haram? Guilty Conscience killing you people already. Blood must speak, prayers must be answered. Perpetrators of this evil act will know no peace until all of them are brought to book.

  3. its a shame that our politicians use even issues as delicate as boko haram to add to their political score sheet.
    Nigerians are crying and begging to see the end of this menace and their sponsors brought to justice, even though the former is hardly going to be, but here are our politicians playing about the whole issue like a child in a toy store.
    let’s assume the APC’s claim holds water, what will Jonathan or PDP give or do to the real Shekau to make him lay low without attacking innocent Nigerians again haven paraded the phantom shekau.
    The childish accusations and counter accusations between the two major parties is such that even school children of this age know better than to indulge in such.
    What worries me more from all of this is that some Nigerians are even lending voices to this child’s play the so called politicians are neck deep in.
    I pray the military arrest this menace dead or alive it won’t matter.
    God Bless Nigeria and Nigerians.