Four Years Of Buhari Will Be Four Years Of Nightmares – Fasehun

Goodluck Jonathan

Founder of the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) and National Chairman of the Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN), Dr. Frederick Fasehun, has asked Nigerians to prepare for years of nightmares, if they fail to re-elect President Goodluck Jonathan in the 2015 polls.

Fasehun said this while receiving Special Adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan on Niger Delta Affairs, Hon. Kingsley Kuku, yesterday, at his Century Hotels, Okota office.

According to him, Jonathan deserves to be re-elected because of his achievements since becoming president.

He recalled the reign of the All Progressives Congress (APC), presidential candidate, Major-General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) as military Head of State and said he would not like to experience it again.

“I have been under the military before. Leopards don’t change their spots. What baffles me is Buhari has guts to attempt governing Nigeria again. It will not come to pass. When he came to power in 1984, he asked political leaders to report at the nearest police station. Many of them died in detention. That is the man who wants to come back to rule Nigeria. I don’t want to experience Buhari again. Four years of Buhari will be four years of nightmares.”

Unlike Buhari and some of his predecessors, Fasehun said Jonathan has refused to abuse his presidential powers. He therefore vowed to mobilize support for him.

“For five years no Nigerian has been sentenced (extra-judicially) outside the courts. Jonathan is a democracy addict. He takes criticisms in his strides. We will work and ensure Jonathan gets four more years. Let Mr. President be rest assured that in this part of the country (South-West), any contestant with him will lose his deposit. We must go round from hamlet to village, from town to cities campaigning for Jonathan. Let us not lose the opportunity to enjoy Jonathan’s administration further. If we did, we will regret it,” Fasehun said.


  1. It will be 4 years of nightmares for criminals and shameless old men like you who will sell their birthright for a bribe of 20million dollars under the guise of pipeline security against vandalisation, yet the same is still going on. Your day of reckoning is coming and its here. Dr fasheun is a man of no principle and the bribe from GEJ has revealed his true nature. I will vote GMB for the future of nigeria and not my pocket.

  2. May God purnish whoever that is trying 2 sell Yoruba land & entire Nigeria for the sake of their mouths.
    Useless old fools.
    Awon atoku maku,amo ona orun malo. Agbaya ti ko to ile.
    I dont know who dash him the title(Dr.)! Dr. Herbalist ojuju calarba

  3. Dr Fasehun, may the good LORD bless you, for you have seen the light. President Goodluck is the greatest gift to the nation and those who fail to acknowledge this will stick their necks in shame when GEJ is victorious in this march polls

  4. Dis old man will not keep quiet, must every body talk on media? If fasheun has nothing to offer he should find a place in bush to clear grass for farming, he called him self founder of OPC and no result for that, are you not a failure? Have u ask your self this question.old fool, because of little money you turn into noise maker, shame on you

  5. For peaceful coexistence between us as a nation GEJ will be the best solution,for continuous endurance of profitable democracy GEJ is the best answer,for youth empowerments (YOWIN & SURE-P) GEJ remains the best answer. Keep the good work Sir

  6. We have seen it all, history is not for mere jamboree. When GMB had the utmost power he couldn’t transform this country, is it now that the constitution is better than ever he thinks he is capable of making a change?. It’s a ‘NO’ ‘NO’.

  7. Fasheun is a political prostitute just like his brother, Femi Fani-Kayode. They pit their tent where their bread can be buttered. Let him mention only one politician that stole our money and was jailed who died in prison. If Buhari does not believe in democracy will he contest on Democratic platform for four times? Fasehun romanced with a killer, al-Mustapha when he was released from jail. This same al-Mustspha killed Kudirat Abiola! Fasehun’s problem is that he has become outdated politically. How can somebody calls himself a party leader and now supports a presidential candidate of another party? He is one of those resisting the natural assumption of Tinubu as the leader of Yoruba. GMB is the answer to Nigerian present problems. Period.

  8. Jonathan has given pastors, imams, n politicians money so that they can support him. But money cant buy all Nigeria only one vote count.
    Only corrupt people don’t want Buhari.
    Plot whatever you want but God is the best plotter

  9. My humble submission is for revolution and all the politicians that have destroyed the country be jailed from Buhari, Tinubu, Obj…..GEJ to the later. Non of these politicians can bring change, even osibanjo now dines and wines with the very corrupt and he can’t speak out against evils of Tinubu, Obj, Fashola etc as a Man of God.

  10. Fasheun is saying the truth. The experience that people pass through in the hands of GMB is what Nigerians should say never again. Buhari is a living corpse that has nothing to offer to the Nigerian populace. Please whoever knows him should advise him to go and take proper care of health than trying to die in the fight he can not succeed. GMB strategy to enthrone corruption is noted as he doesn’t want to look at the old corrupt politicians from 1999-2015 knowing fully well that his cronies like Tinubu, Ameachi and Atiku are funding him with the proceeds from corrupt practices. Let him just order his London doctors to prepare Oxygen and Air Ambulance so that when he slumps on 29th march 2015 when news of his defeat might have filtered into his ears. May God strengthen GEJ AND GIVE HIM MORE WISDOM TO SURPASS HIS DETRACTORS.