Jesus Christ Does Not Exist – Popular Singer

Top Ghanaian female hip pop singer, Mzbel has surprised everyone!


The ‘I be 16years’ crooner in an interview on a Ghanaian television show disclosed how she no longer believe in the existence of Jesus Christ. The beautiful singer while making the the totally awkward revelation said:

‘I don’t want to offend anybody, I used to believe in him, but according to my own research I think he was made up, I might be wrong but I think he was made up, I don’t know if Jesus is the messiah.’

Mzbel, whose real name is Belinda Ekua Amoah, did not say exactly what made her to have a turn around in her belief but she used to believe firmly in the symbolic personality of Christianity back in the days to the extent that she once prayed in her room until it was filled with smoke.

The sexy singer who is rated as one of the best femalesingers in Ghana according to Netng  said:

‘I actually prayed in my room one time, until it my room was filled with smoke, I called my pastor and told him that there were witches in my home and he told me that the presence of God was with me in my room, but now trust I won’t believe in it any-more.’ Mzbel is rated as one of the best female singers in Ghana…


  1. The devil is a lair! Although am not surprise bcos this is end time.and the bible said that d devil is going round looking for whom to devour.the devil only comes to steal, to kill and to destroy.the devil has entered this ghanian singer.I pray for God’s deliverance upon your life today in jesus name ! Amen.

  2. Sister JESUS LOVES YOU and is the Messiah, the Saviour of the whole world especially those who believe and accept Him… Our backsliding or un believe does not reduce Him or change His eternal status/position rather will lead to eternal damnation and destruction of un believer or un repented back slider. I pray Jesus will have mercy on you and restore you back the way He restored me back. JESUS LOVES YOU STILL come back to HIM

  3. Better retrief those coments and change your perceptions before you start degrading….Well incase it’s ignorance that is Pushing you,let me refresh your mind,my dear popular Ghanian singer, The day you denouce Christ marks the beginning of your doom, Don’t be a victim, rejects it in your life….