Jonathan: Nigerians Know How Much I Spend And Can Ask Questions

Goodluck JonathanPresident Goodluck Jonathan says through the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act, Nigerians now know what he spends and can ask relevant questions.

In a Facebook post yesterday, the president noted that the FOI Act had the effect of lifting the veil on government.

President Jonathan also noted that the Act had enabled Nigerians to know how much government’s ministries, departments and agencies spend.

“When I signed the Freedom of Information Law (FOI), it had the effect of lifting the veil on government. Nigerians now know how much I spend as well as how much is spent by other Ministries, Departments and Agencies of the Federal Government and can ask questions which foster transparency”, he said.

According to him, efforts were ongoing to “persuade some states who have resisted the domestication of this law to bow to reason and accept this law in practice and in theory”.

He continued, “It is for these reasons and others that Nigeria, under my watch, continues to make steady progress in the anti-corruption war and with your renewed mandate, we will never relent”.

The president, who has come under heavy criticism for his perceived toleration of corruption, said global best practices over the past decades had proven that corruption is best tackled when opportunities for graft are eliminated.