Tunisia Militants Kill Four Police In Checkpoint Attack


About 20 al Qaeda-linked Islamist militants reportedly attacked a checkpoint in Tunisia’s central Kasserine region, leading to the death of four police officers and stealing their weapons, the government said on Wednesday. Reuters have more:

Okba Ibn Nafaa, a small brigade of fighters operating in mountains along the Algerian border, were behind Tuesday night’s attack, interior ministry spokesman Mohamed Ali Aroui told reporters.

Tunisia recently completed its transition to democracy after the 2011 uprising against autocrat Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali, but security remains a key worry due to the emergence of hardline Islamist groups. “Around 20 terrorists attacked a checkpoint and killed four police. They opened fire on the checkpoint and then they fled with the police weapons,” the spokesman said.

Local radio reported a separate groups of militants had raided houses near Kef, also near the Algerian frontier, holding residents at gunpoint to steal food and supplies before fleeing into the mountains.

Tunisia is waging a campaign against Islamist militants, who mostly target security forces. Since April last year, thousands of soldiers have been deployed to drive out militants from the Chaambi range bordering Algeria.