Buhari Is An Old Man With A Non-Functional Brain – Dame Jonathan

Patience JonathanThe First lady, Dame Patience Jonathan has called on Nigerian women to vote for the re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan in the March 28 presidential election, saying he is the only one that could take care of their interest.

The First Lady, who stated this on Tuesday in Lokoja, Kogi state during a People’s Democratic Party women presidential campaign rally, also described the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), as a an old man without functional brains and who has nothing to offer Nigerians.

According to her, past governments restricted women to the kitchen but when Jonathan came on board, he changed the status quo by appointing women into various leadership positions as well as empowering them to take care of the home front.

“Goodluck set up Youwin programme for the women so that they can get money to trade and takecare of their children. He also set up Sure-P to create employment for youth and women as well as taking care of pregnant women in the hospital till delivering period at no cost. Jonathan is the only one that can take care of women effectively”, she said.

On the chances of Buhari against her husband, Mrs. Jonathan said: “Buhari is old and anybody that is old, the brain cannot function very well. The APC is an expired drug that can no longer cure illness. Is it now that he want a change by force when he could not do it when he was there? If Goodluck finish his tenure by 2019 and he said he is still contesting, I will not agree”.

Moved by the cheers of the crowd, the first lady broke into a song, taunting the APC flag bearer. “If you vote Buhari, na your prison; if you vote APC, na your wahala”, she sang.

Earlier, the State Governor, Capt. Idris Wada, urged the people of the state to vote for President Jonathan in the forthcoming election because he is a man who keeps to his word.


  1. Let that illiterate pack well please,APC is not where we disgrace our selfs and the country on a national tv”chai,chai daaris God oooooo”APC is a party ruled by an intelegent people,APC is not a party that lie publicly on tv,not even secretly.APC we’re people of integrity,qualities and truthful.we don’t come out and tell the public we’ve done what we know we’ve not so shut the fuck off and stop embaracin ur self in public woman


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