First Real Flying Automobile To Be On Sale In 2017

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A two-seater flying car which drives on normal roads, using petrol, but is able to take off into the sky from any open area is to go on sale in 2017.


“We believe that by 2017 we’ll be able to launch this to market. We don’t even need airports. If something like a flying Uber and flying Lyft will be on the market, I think many users will find this a very efficient way to move,” said the CEO of Slovakian company Aeromobil, Juraj Vaculik at the South by Southwest conference this week.


The vehicle of the future can hit 100 mph on the ground and it flies at up to 124mph on twin propellers for up to 692km. Besides, it needs just 230 meters of clear road to take off. Among other pluses the car creators name its autopilot, a parachute for emergencies and variable-angle wings. The makers designed and built the working model in just 10 months.


Its makers hope it will ‘change personal transport on a global scale’ as it contains various ground-breaking technologies which could spark a new age of personal aviation. The limited edition vehicle is designed for wealthy supercar buyers”, final pricing as well as release date for the vehicle is still being worked out.


When AeroMobil releases its miracle to the wider public, it expects to have developed a fully autonomous flying capability. Until then only qualified pilots will be able to fly this half-car, half-aircraft. Vaculik admits that the only thing standing in the way is government regulation, both in the air, and on the ground. Vaculik says, “We need to match 100 years of bureaucracy in the air and 100 years of bureaucracy on the ground. It’s not easy.”

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  1. Wow intereSting I can’t we to see that car. Many times I hv imagined tht there will be a car tht can fly such that wn trafic is encountered one jst put it on flying mode 2land else where.I believed some day it will come2 reality.I argued it with some pipl. They said its impossible bt I said with God’s inspiration it will be.I so knw it will be real soonest. Oh I can’t waitt. All thanks to God,to Juraj Vaculik and to slovakian Company

  2. This will no doubt revolutionalize or significantly evolutionalize personalized aviation,road transportation and traffic regulations land and air and perhaps relegate traffic hold ups either to history or to the air.These nations making all these achievements arrived at this stage by focussing on research and development. The most popular role models there for their youths are the scientists. Here in nig we talk endless politics but know next to nothing about politics.We cant even hold an election without making the wildest noise in the universe

  3. This will no doubt revoltionalize or significantly evolutionalize personalized aviation ,road transportation and traffic laws land and air and perhaps relegate traffic holdups either to history or to the air.These nations making all these achievements arrived at this stage by focussing on research and development.The role models for their youths are the scientists.Here in nig we talk endless crude politics but know next to nothing about politics..We cannot even hold a simple election ( which other nations do somewhere everyday) without making the longest,wildest noise in the universe


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