Jonathan Must Distance Himself From Wife’s Hate Speeches — Fashola


Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola has challenged President Goodluck Jonathan to dissociate himself from the “hate speeches” credited to his wife Patience Jonathan and others that could lead to electoral violence ahead of the elections scheduled for March 28 and April 11.

Fashola made the statement, yesterday, during a courtesy visit by the officials of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) at the Lagos House, Marina, led by its chairman, Prof. Chidi Odinkalu who visited him to seek support on the need to avoid violence and ensure free and fair contest in the forthcoming elections.

The governor lamented that the ‘hate Speeches’ made in favour of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidates, especially the President had created panic in the country, saying “People are leaving the country out of fear.”

“President Goodluck Jonathan must come out and dissociate himself from especially, his wife speeches. He must disown them.”

Also speaking, Odinkalu urged Nigerians to learn from the imprisonment of the former first Lady of Ivory Coast, Simeone Gbagbo and desist from uttering comments that could lead to electoral violence in the country.

“The wife of Laurent Gbagbo was convicted for crime on electoral violence. As we move around sensitizing Nigerians on the effect of political violence, many haven’t seen it as a serious issue. And I hope that what happened in Ivory Coast will give every Nigerian reasonable thought,” he said.


  1. Before commenting the political situation of cote d’ivoire u have to clearly know it before comparing these 1st ladies. M. odinlkalu, laurent gbagbo and wife were never responsible of the electoral violence of my country. UN, France n their rebel president Outtara Allassane are responsible of those crimes. Please get it right, time is another name of God. As they did to mandela, they are still doing to our real leaders. Find the truth.

    • I strongly stand in believe with you. Colonial masters still seeking to have dtrong attachement to their colonies in other to control their resources and influence their governance.

  2. Fashola and his fellow bottle headed party members should focus on cutting their losses because the Presidencial poll is an impending loss on their path.

  3. APC started and now they are asking the president not to support his wife. With the way APC are attacking mr president everyday that alone will cause violence.

  4. I don’t kwon why some igbo and calabar are very blind to throw their weight and support for a man who has done virtually nothing for 6years. You will be in for it if he comes back. Senseless fellows!!


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