TV Presenter Mugging: South Africa Offers Reward For Robbers’ Arrest


South African police have offered a 100,000 rand (£5,500; $8,200) reward for the arrest of two men who mugged a well-known TV journalist on camera. See more as reported by the BBC:

Vuyu Mvoko, a contributing editor with national network SABC, was robbed as he was about to go on air in Johannesburg. Footage of the incident – in which both robbers’ faces are visible – has been widely viewed online. The robbers appear unconcerned by the presence of the camera. Mr Mvoko said one of them threatened him with a gun.

Police said the men took laptops and mobile phones. The journalist had been waiting outside Johannesburg’s Milpark hospital to report on the arrival of Zambia’s president for medical tests on Tuesday night. Mr Mvoko was reporting on the Zambian president’s arrival at the hospital

The thieves told him to hand over his phone, which he said was in his hand. “Because I wasn’t giving him the phone, he then called the other one who had a gun, and said: ‘Dubula le nja’ [Shoot this dog],” Mr Mvoko told SABC.

At this point he said another member of the team screamed at him to hand over the phone, which he did.