Voting Continues Today At 300 Polling Units


Voting will continue today in 300 out of the 150,000 polling stations in the country, according to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). This came after technical glitches affected voting at several polling units nationwide.

“Just about 300 polling units out of about 150,000,” Kayode Idowu, INEC spokesman told reporters yesterday.

According to him, there were 109 polling stations where “cards were not read” at all, another 100 stations where there were “issues” with biometric data, while card readers in other areas had battery problems.

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The situation made the commission to direct electoral officer to start manual accreditation of voters.

The PDP, a strong opponent of the use of the technology had following the glitches flayed INEC for not accepting wise counsel. The party argued that the technology should have been well tested before being used for a general election.


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