Why I Refused To Debate With Jonathan – Buhari

Jonathan on aljazeera

The Presidential candidate of All Progressives Congress, Muhammadu Buhari has explained his reason for refusing to engage in a presidential debate with President Goodluck Jonathan.

Speaking at an interactive session with the Nigerian Press Organisation (NPO) in Abuja, Buhari argued that there was no basis for debate since the record of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and Jonathan in government is public knowledge.

At the event also attended by a former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, Buhari, however, promised to ensure strict adherence to the constitution if he wins the March 28 presidential election.

The former head of state who has always been criticised for his actions when he was in power promised that what happened in the past would not repeat itself. “I want to assure you that Nigerian constitution will be adhered to,” he said, explaining further that “I cannot change the past but I can change the present and future.”

When asked if he was prepared to apologise for jailing some journalists as military ruler under the Decree 4 of 1984, the Director General of Mr. Buhari’s campaign and Governor of River State, Rotimi Amaechi was reported to have prevented the former general from responding. “The general has said he could not change the past.”


  1. Imagine the person that wants to rule nigeria. Amaechi prevented him from answering a common question. What if he wins, meaning tinubu and amaechi will tell him to shut up if he dares says anything contrary to what they want. After all they will say they sponsored and brought him into power.

  2. At least dey men not woman. Among d five women dat direct nigerian affaires our president is said to b the fifth women an even d weak one so say any ting u lik is time

  3. Close ur dirty mouth,this is the GENERAL and he will surely win”””because we will vote him all 80% in Nigeria nd u nd others are amng the remaining 20%..,then let’s see who wil win

  4. You can all see that GMB is a tormentor by honesty and impeccable dignity who became the seeming messiah to Nigeria against the dirts of PDP.For fear of Buhari’s winning PDP postponed election, planning to remove JEGA, waste Nigeria’s money to buy Emirs? Obas and Igwes, take note, the wind of change is unstopable.

  5. Buhari is an unrepentant tyrant, anti- media and religion extremist and a failure. He can never rule Nigeria twice, like Obasanjo who set the stage for the corruption and decline in Nigeria.

  6. @ Abatcha , you are a deluded bigot. Where will ur uneducated fool go through to winning this election? You people think election is child’s play and its won on the pages of news papers right…. Watch out for yara’dua season two.

  7. South south you are right Brother”!. Yaradua part 2″!. They are all fool even this Abatcha and Esiaka”,what is Change and what do they think that they can change”!. Fools”, that’s what they are”! All of them

  8. Buhari is the problem facing 9ja today, what can he do 4 9ja? To kill, send pple to jail, he has no plan too better 9ja, insted to islamise diz country and if u r a christain u help him to do this plz u better change too muslim dan to start too complain because u r now a emeny too christ. As he is saying he is a change man now. Only GOD noes the heart off man. But I don’t trust him because from the day one of bokoharam he never try to help the country after families have lost so many bread winners we never see him when we need him most to contribut in bringing peace in the northan pat of 9ja, but now u want awa vote, even if u win will dat bring back the pple will lost

  9. why are you people blinded don’t you see for yourselves what is happening in this country? who can please point me out anything currently to be proud of as Nigerian, is it constant power supply without the noise of the Gen around or is …….. without, without. for me I know I like GEJ in personality but please pardon me to say he is too weak for presindency of giant Nigeria. he is surrounded by self centered minds who do not show him the right path to follow. leadership is not about weakness but courage and strength. standing up to the challenges, keen listener of advice and many more than move nation ahead. please brothers and sisters of our dear nation lets not make a wrong choice but I know one way or the other, we are not satisfied with onething or the other. do we want a repeat or do you think there is more harm in trying for change than staying in the same ship which we already know. please brothers and sisters lets not exchange bitterly but lets put on table as youths the things itches us in the so that the contestants see for themselves we really deserve better. let’s also pray that who ever it is let it be God’s chosen so than we can feel and real meaning of representation mindless of the region from. we want a nation where peace will reign so let’s contribute by prayers for this country and leaders than bitter exchange. I love you all because I love my country be without us, the will be no Nigeria. God bless us all

  10. I guess most pple talkin here re youth of nigeria,can any1 of u tell me wat u hv benefited 4rm GEJ,instead,its been killing of innocent soul 4 d past 6yrs,yet d pple want it 2 cont,hv u guys tot abt ds,why is it dat,it after a year n wen election is approachin dat GEJ gav d victim of last yrs employment saga,why is GEJ buyin all d obas ova,why waste huge sum of moni 2 buy dem ova,y giv OPC moni 2 cause prob in lagos dat JEGA mus go,why is he bribing nollywood star ova,most of us re blinded by sentiment,I pray God open our spiritually eyes 2 see,he dat hs ears let hm hear wat d spirit is sayin

  11. @Ara, I have benefited a lot on Agric @ least. GEJ is doing well as far as I’m concern. Let Buhari and Jonathan go for that debate that Buhari is trying to avoid. If a school Certificate is equivalent to first degree after 10years of unbroken reveant working carrier, how many years will be required before same school certificate is equivalent to second degree and how many years will be needed to be equivalent to PHD? Conversely, how many years will be required before somebody without school certificate could be equivalent to d same PHD holder? Why will Buhari not run away from debating with Jonathan? Buhari has travelled out and came back few days ago and yet he didn’t come with his cambridge certificate from London. Lwkmd

  12. NO VACANCY IN ASO ROCK 4 Bukobuhari. Vote PRESident GOODLUCK JONATHAN 4 more transformation and a better NIGERIA. GEJ»ALL»»THE»»WAY»»=2019.

  13. there’s no change in APC bcos all waste product removed from old corrupt PDP are in APC now. now we have a better PDP with modern men with modern ideals the real enemies of this country are in APC and buhari is going to act their scripts which Jonathan refused to. so Iet wise men support PDP and shun those mediocres in APC.

  14. don’t understand why people see d truth and yet hide from it. GEJ failed woefully in his responsibilities and duty of care to the people of Nigeria. we don’t need a weak, selfish and greedy president who cares not about Nigerians but only to loot money and encourage corruption. we the people of Nigeria deserve better. this is not about religion or tribal sentiment, it about nation building and changing d corrupt orientation of Nigerians. we need change because we deserve better!

  15. In 2011 General Buhari swore to make the nation ungovernable and will never contest an election again if he loses,he has so far brought Boko Haram to make the nation ungovernable and is still running for an election again against his promise. He claimed to have changed but could not apologised for his wrong doings as a dictator,was stopped from responding to a question by Rt Hon. Ameachi and he thinks he can ever be a president of a modern democratic nigeria.

  16. I belive god will show us the path to victory.but please let’s stop the insults and embrace peace .nigeria needs rigorious and crucial prayers not sentimented insults or political propaganda’s.

  17. This is a right time we start to consider positive change in nigeria, nigeria has grow beyond any human expectation has a good citizen of this noble country we need to exercise our civic responsibility for the betterment of this country.

  18. Jona a so called president who has bn so weak in making response 2 terrorism, robbering of federal gov acc, he scamed jobless youth of dis country, confusing dem with aviation job n raked close 2 a billion naira 4rm dem will go in 4 it when a he his change


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