Actress, Anne Njemanze Beaten Mercilessly By Her Husband

I don’t know how to engage in a physical fight, not to talk of beating someone. So, it baffles me when I see or hear of these stuffs in relationships and marriages. But the truth is, some ladies of today don’t deserve my kind of guy – the gentle type who you can talk to anyhow and all he does is to walk away.

Anyway, that’s a topic for another day. I feel sad for my friend Anne Njemanze who has had to leave the house of her second husband, yet her first husband is now happily married with kids. What is the matter with her? Is it that she is in the category of ladies who are claiming “no man can control me”?

Sincerely, if your first husband sent you packing and your second husband has started using blows to design your face in less than two yeas of marriage, then you really need to check yourself..

The marriage between Anne Njemanze and Silver Ojieson is over and the saga didn’t end well. It was fighting and beating all the way, to the extent she was injured.


In our society, mature ladies with few millions find it difficult to marry the kind of man a woman should marry; a man who is ok, a bit older than you, who you can respect and work with comfortably.

On the flip side, some young ladies who enjoy this privilege usually abuse it because they often think that it is possible for them to get a bigger and better man, hence they take what they have for granted.

But by the time they get to 30 plus and might have slept with several boyfriends and sugar daddies, it is then that reality will dawn on them that life cannot be lived solely based on how you wished it.

Sadly, Anne has learnt her lesson the hard way. The “young man” who married her and moved into her own apartment is now gone after everything, not to talk of the serious beatings. How sad!

Life can truly be sweet all the way, but only for ladies who imbibe the virtues of sincerity and honour.


  1. I think olufamous is one of the worst bloggers on amebo. Not only are his pieces biased, they are also judgemental and portray his sexist view. I find his pieces extremely annoying to say the least. His write up on the break up of ini edo’s marriage was highly insensitive. Was he a third party in their marriage to know what and who precisely led to the break up? Our elders say: “it’s he who wears the shoe, that knows where it pinches,” so it’s extremely silly to put the blame on one party without knowing what truly transpired within their marriage and why they broke up. Truly olufamous is myopic and can’t see beyond his nose when he writes about women. He likes to write rubbish about women that’s why he mostly writes about those who expose their body as though that’s worth advertizing. With all that goes on in the world today, do we really care about who dresses immodestly? Why should olufamous use blogging to bastardize women with his highly irritating and thoughtless views? So all marriage break ups is due to the fact that the women were not submissive? I guess the all male partners were saints. If a man beats his wife, he is without fault, he is a saint, according to olufamous. When one writes about marital issues, know that you can never have the full details hence it’s unwise to point fingers from the outside. Whatever your personal views are, set them aside and write based on facts found. Journalism is bringing the truth and facts about what is happening in the society to your readers. Olufamous is busy bringing his personal views about women and politics to the readers. I am personally sick and tired about his blogs. If you don’t have anything worthwhile to write about others, then rest your fingers and let us have peace. You don’t know all women, it is not a fact to state that by 30 a woman would have slept with sugar daddys and boyfriends. Can he state that as a fact about the women in his family? Think before you post, that some people are corrupt doesn’t mean the general society is. That some women may be loose doesn’t mean all women are. Write wisely.

  2. Whoever gave olufamous a degree is to balance I guess the females in his family all slept through lots of men and boyfriends n sugar daddy and that got him through life. Sadly cos the other first man is now Married doesn’t mean he is happily married nor it made him a saint in the first marriage break up! Olufamous you are not worthy to be a blogger …. You are a wan hater and must stop this nonsense …….. Am sure you know both parties are hurt and unhappy at this time and u should stop being judgmental and I guess you are Also a woman beater cos you wrote that it’s cool for her to beaten ….. So sad

  3. Seems to me,ommission or commission she certainly has a lot of blame for the failed marriages,first one failed,now this and the first husband is happily married with kids,she is the only constant in this story of failed marriages,truth is,some women can’t just live under a man,period…

  4. Good for her. I hv it in good authority that has been seen with other people’s hubby. Which husband will tolerate his wife dating other men. She should rearrange her life n maybe it will work out for her