Must Read: 30 Things To Do When You’re Planning Your Wedding

The wedding time is one of the most important points in a person’s lifetime, and everyone envisions having a great wedding.

So you just got engaged and you’re thinking about how you’re going to plan your wedding. You’ve made the right move. Here are 30 things to do when you and your partner have agreed to marry.


1. Decide what sort of wedding you want to have and make up a budget. Some people spend all they have and even borrow to finance their wedding. It’s not advisable. Set a budget that you can fund without necessarily crossing a line. Then get to work with that.

2. Set up a planning team. That’s if you don’t prefer to hire a wedding planner. This team could comprise few of your close friends. You can brainstorm with them and they can go through all the pre-wedding stuff with you. You could really use their ideas and assistance.

3. Arrange to meet your partner’s parents and also for them to meet yours. You want to get to know your prospective in laws beforehand and you want your partner to get to know your people too.

4. Pick a wedding date. Once everyone has pitched in and the coast is clear, pick a date that you can work with.  It doesn’t have to be specific to a day at first. You could pick a month for the time being and start working toward that. Then later when things are shaping up you can set a specific date.

5. Start planning your guest list. Which people are you looking to invite for your wedding? It’s time to write some names and envisage what guests you’d like to see on your special day.

6. Start looking for venues for your ceremonies. Venues get booked up often. Make enquiries, look out on time and do a shortlist of the ones you intend to consider.

7. Shop for your wedding gown. You don’t want to leave this very important part of your big day to the last minute.

8. Envision how the wedding will look like. What will you serve the guests? What type of entertainment would you like at the event? Will it be a DJ or a band? Start figuring these things out and let your planning team weigh in on that too.

9. Link up with the professionals. Ask your friends to link you up with professionals you’ll need for your wedding including the caterers, MC, the photographers and so on. Then get in touch with those you think can do the job.

10. Start drawing up a list of expenses for the wedding. You’ve checked out the venue you want to use. You’ve spoken to the people you’ll be hiring to work at your wedding. Start piecing the costs together and look it over with your team and your partner.

11. Make your bookings. You want to book with the DJ, the MC, the band and any other people you intend to hire early. You also want to book the venue for the reception. The earlier you book with the people, the better.

12. Pick wears for the wedding. Figure out what styles and colours your people will be wearing.

13. Start planning your honeymoon.

14. Go for pre-wedding counselling. Speak to an independent counsellor, not just your pastors.

15. Purchase your wedding rings.

16. Start shopping for the clothes you and your people will wear for the ceremonies.

17. Decide what type of wedding cake you’ll want and book with the designer who will make it.

18. Send out your invitations about two months ahead so your prospective guests have enough time to plan to attend.

19. Book your stylist and figure out what hairstyle you’ll rock on the big day. Also book a makeup artist and do some trials to test out stuff.

20. Apply for a marriage license. Check with the local registry.

21. Be in touch with your people. Ring your bridesmaids and groomsmen and make sure they know how things are coming along. Keep in touch with those who will be working at your wedding (caterers, MC and so on) and fine tune your arrangements with them.

22. Create a wedding program to hand out to guests.

23. Iron out reception plans with the caterer and the other professionals who will be on the ground at the reception.

24. Give ceremony venue managers a schedule of delivery and setup times plus contact numbers so that everyone’s on the same page.

25. Get your hair done and get your outfits for the big day ready. Follow up with your groomsmen and bridesmaids to do the same.

26. Make sure you’ve paid those you hired before the wedding.

27. Present parents and each other with gifts.

28. Introduce your venue manager to your best man or maid of honour for questions or problems during the reception.

29. Assign a friend or relative to be the photographer’s contact so he knows who is who.

30. Remember to thank friends, family and workers who helped to make your wedding succeed.