Corrupt ex-govs would pose problems for Buhari govt – Tsav

Abubakar-TsavA former Commissioner of Police for Lagos State, Alhaji Abubakar Tsav, has said ex-governors surrounding the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, would pose a stumbling block to his administration when it finally takes off on May 29.

Tsav noted that most of the former governors around the president-elect had pending corruption cases in courts, noting that if they were pardoned by Buhari, it would dent his image as an incorruptible leader.

The former police commissioner, who made his position known in a statement on Thursday, wondered if the ex-governors would turn a new leaf by declaring their ill-gotten wealth and thereafter forfeit their loot to the government.

He said, “Majority of people who surround Gen. Buhari are ex-governors and most of these ex-governors are said to be corrupt and with pending corruption cases in courts and with law enforcement agencies.

“What will Gen. Buhari do with these people? Is he going to pardon them like President (Goodluck) Jonathan and dent his image or allow justice to take its course and then fall out with these bigwigs? On the other hand, will he draw a line on these cases?

“On the part of the ex-governors, will they turn a new leaf by declaring their ill-gotten wealth and thereafter forfeit their loot to government? I can see problems ahead for the Buhari administration”.

Mr. Tsav expressed the belief that Nigerians voted for Buhari and not for the All Progressives Congress, noting that the party would have lost the presidential election, if it had fielded a different candidate.

“We believe that if the APC fielded another candidate other than Gen. Buhari, the party would have lost the Presidential election hands down. For this reason, it is expected that the APC bigwigs will cooperate with Gen. Buhari to bring about the change Nigerians yearn for. Is this achievable?” he asked rhetorically.

He also pointed out that security would be a serious challenge for the incoming administration, against the backdrop of the proliferation of arms and ammunition in the country.

He also frowned on the award of pipeline protection contracts by the Federal Government to militant groups and called for a review of the contracts.

He said, “AK47 rifles are everywhere in the country like toothpick on dining tables in homes and restaurants. To worsen the already bad situation, the outgoing FG of Goodluck Jonathan recently awarded contracts for guarding of pipelines to some violent organisations (Oodua Peoples Congress and Niger Delta militants).

“These people require arms to execute their contracts? How will they acquire these arms? What is the role of the Navy, NIMASA and other security agencies? I think these militant groups are just being armed to cause serious security problems in the country. These clandestine contracts need to be reviewed in the interest of the security of this country”, Tsav proffered.