Diddy Explains Why He Chose His Girlfriend, Cassie To Make Love To On His TV Commercial

Diddy’s new racy fragrance ad has been described as too hot for TV because it features a love making session between him and girlfriend Cassie. Explaining why he chose Cassie to do the commercial with him, Diddy told Ellen DeGeneres that he chose her instead of a random model because of his affection for her and their lovemaking is natural

“My girlfriend, she’s a model and a recording artist. And I had casted someone for the commercial and the commercial has these intense-type of love scenes. When I saw who I casted for the commercial, it wasn’t as natural as it would be if it was somebody that I really had an affection for and also someone I had made love to before. So, basically, a light goes off in my head. It’s two hours before the commercial. I said ‘I need to call my girlfriend, she needs to be in this commercial. She’s a model, one of the most beautiful women in the world’. So I called her” He said…