Photo: This Is What Will Happen The Moment Buhari Finishes With PHCN

The issue of power supply has been a great challenge for Nigerians.


Even the privatization did not help in any way. It is always a story of ‘from frying pan to fire’ for Nigerians because when it seems all will get better with the power supply, it gets worse than before. As the new political dispensation is about to come in, a lot of Nigerians are expectant and very optimistic about what the president-elect, Buhari will do to curtail and savage the epileptic power supply which has been like the second name for the name, Nigeria.

One of the worried citizens of Nigeria, @Qamaludeen, took his thoughts to the social media few hours ago showcasing a photo of a fully lit mega city which he says that when the president-elect finishes with NEPA (now Power Holding Company of Nigeria), that is what Nigeria will look like. See the tweet below


While a lot of his followers took his update as a prayer by saying ‘amen’, some mocked him saying that the president is not an illusionist.


Well, it is obvious that the power supply in Nigeria is nothing to write home about, however, Nigerians seem to have totally lost hope with these reactions.