You Need To See How Eric Amodu Blasted Tuface Over His PDP Comment

Oh dear, one Eric Amodu has replied Tuface Idibia over his PDP comment. It will be recalled that Tuface had earlier taken to twitter where he said the Federal Government and State Governments had failed Nigerians in the past 16years. Eric Amodu who however knows what Tuface has benefitted from the party, especially PDP Governors, took to (Tuface is from Benue by the way) to call him out and tell Nigerians how he has benefitted MILLIONS from PDP government. It is an open letter. Do read it below…


“Too bad you threw the bomb at yourself on this. You are my friend but the truth must be told.

Question 1. Name a single soul you’ ve ever helped?

Question 2. Why did your fellow childhood friends deserted you?

Question 3. What have you given back to the society that made u?

Infact lets go deeper

First of all, OJB produced you and brought you to limelight and even gave you a song for free without you paying a dime. But you threw your back at him when the world was rallying round to save his life.

Not even a dime from you when lesser musicians gave their widows mite.

No any Idoma sons could say he’s on your scholarship list yet you have the mouth to talk back at the people that you helped in eating from their states’ funds.

You ate the resources meant for Benue State during Akume days in PDP as a governor when he bought you a Camry.

How about Donald Duke when he was the PDP governor of cross Rivers State? He lavished the state resources for you and still paid 20 million naira just to reunite the plantation boiz yet you have the guts to say PDP did nothing? Better still, you for reject all the money.

Akwa-Ibom state governor under the PDP-led government lavished the money meant for the state to sponsor your wedding. Why didn’t you kick against it when he gave you eight jeeps and sponsored several people to Dubai just to attend your wedding?

Jolly Nyame wasted the state resources on you and you practically abandoned Lagos for Taraba just because you began to taste the juicy side of unmerited resources from government coffers.

Don’t forget… when you sang ” I de feel like so so so and so person… because you de spend for me.” Over 70% of the names you mentioned were PDP people you joined in eating away the future of their states.

Brother man, sorry to say this… you don’t even stand the moral ground where conscience speaks to talk about PDP.

I would love Banky W, the little Davido that just started, Ice Prince, Don Jazzy and so many others to talk because they don’t dine with the PDP and their states’ funds yet they’ve given a whole lot to the society.


On your wedding day, you took away the pleasure of the eyes from Nigerians to Dubai so that dem no go fit benefit even small thing from you. Stingy life.”



  1. This Eric guy is a BIG FOOL!. Everytin he said doesn’t even make sense. Tuface is an entertainer. Pple tend to show appreciation to d works of an entertainer. Especially wen u’re gud at it. There’s notin wrong in acceptin money frm anyone or any group. Its not like it was a bribe or sum money he begged for. That doesn’t mean he cannot criticize d govt of d day bcos he accepted money frm dem one way or d oda. He cannot decide to shut his mouth & not say wats on his mind simply bcos he accepted money frm PDP. That’s wat a good person wud do, SPEAK UP!. He is a Nigerian, and he his entitled to his own opinion. And just so u knw Mr Erica, 2face has a foundation dat dedicates itself to service to humanity. He doesn’t av to come pay for ur skool fees b4 u notice his efforts, ok. U dumb ass!

    • Mr Bono it seems you are the biggest fool and don’t open your dirty mouth to rubbish Eric cos he knows ur Tubaba better and if he has integrity I think he is the last Nigerian to criticise PDP government that gave him all sort of money meant to better the life of thousands in their states, remember Mr Bono many people are on the street that don’t know what to eat and shelter on them. While UN and many NGO’s are spending millions for Africans to survive. Wise up young man.

    • Why didn’t he rejects the money they are giving him and preach to the benefactor then? He should have preached to them that they are lavishing the state money on entertainer like him. I like him as an entertainer but He has no stand to say anything about PDP with all this facts. So brother pls reverse that statement.

  2. Lulu u be stupid fool. Cus say d guy collect money when dem dash am nar crime. So nar make him no talk 4 him country matta abi. Watin dem do 4 all d year when dem spend 4 power. My pain be say d same bad PDP member go still decamp go scater APC party…….. So lulu abi watin u call ur self, my guy Adjust ur seat bet oh B4 i go lase ur sheo u…… Make una leave 2baba alone oh make him speak e maind oh.

  3. @lulu, I love that reply,they are all eating the money together and here he is, trying to wash his hands off. Well, if Nigeria spoils today it will not affect them the most..we thank God for the change that’s about to happen.

  4. 2face is na ungreatful person,but i love is musica,nd i also hate ungreatful people,Benno dis is 4 u,if u hv a frd wen u hv every thing nd turu back @ u wen u lost everytin,like u hv problem. How will u feel nd wot will u call d person

  5. Fuck 2face nd fuck Eric,this people are disgrace to them self cos I don’t think I give a fuck bout the 2 bitch nigga!….fake P.D.P!!!!.

  6. This guy is honestly pointless, it is quite obvious dat u av crush on tuface and u are trying to blackmail d guy. U dnt need to tarnish someones image to show ur grieviance. All d monies or fortunes u mentioned above that was spent on tuface by d politicians wasnt spent on d community, d moni dat was meant for d masses was lavished on a musician and d musician said afterwards dat dey didnt do well bcos he knws it was wrong buh it was an opportunity for him to excel. He didnt say dey didnt spend on him buh he said dey are not fair to d nation “lobatan” why would u buy 8 jeeps for a musician? Were dose jeeps meant for d community

  7. Who’s this eric guy sef?
    I don’t know u
    Nobody knows u cos u r a hater
    Haters don’t give credits….
    Tuface got d rights bro.

  8. Eric Amodu who paid you? Are you black’s brother? Cos u got thesame surname.
    Who God has blessed; pls don’t curse.
    We can feel ur pains, sorry sir!

  9. Tuface has all the right to air his opinion at any point. I see u got a personal beef @Eric. He was only paid for his job ” He that labours by the alter shall be fed by the alter” those were his privelleges n payments for services rendered bro. His write up claerly shows that he didn’t eat his conscience. Remember that most of those names u called are no longer in pdd; CHANGE. That dude is blessed, he’s nice and humble; u know , I know and we all know that!!!

  10. Whether Tuface, Eric And All Of You Commenting… Una Dy Mad Well-well. Will This Rubbish Stop The Fuel Scarcity We Are Facing?

  11. Mr Eric or wot u called ur sef pls If u need help frm Tubaba pls go visit him in Lekki phase1 is dere to attend to u dan layin false allegation on him is it the only musician that is in nigeria dat collect money for show or entertainment pls and pls think b4 u Leap out words publicly pls be matured enough to say such thing ,this guy called Tuface has created a lot of job for so many Nigerians and opportunities and Even in Benue state Makurdi he has a Foundation if u dnt knw he has a lot of staff that he pays salary if u dnt knw plz Comon Tuface is nt dat knd of person u r to Escalate lik dat he his respected all over the world pls just relax ur sef and meet him one on one to help u wll see pls calm down or go to his studio [email protected] Festac and see ur sef Abeg TUBABA CARRY GO JAREEEE!

  12. Bros u think say person come life come play, oga Eric abeg open ur eyes no dey dull urself over some one’s glory,make u self go sing song…Abeg leave 2baba for us ooooo


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