Black Men & Black Women Are Really Suffering!!!!!!!!!!

It is not easy to be a black man in a world were almost all the great inventions were made by whites. It is a known fact that the blacks didn’t even know what Education was until the whites came along and taught us  A for Apple, B for Boy, C for Car, etc. Hence, the whites always get better treatment.

The whites always show their superiority to blacks. Who will help salvage the blacks? See more…


  1. Whoever wrote this post just displayed extreme ignorance and shallow thinking by stating Africans (blacks) didn’t know what education was until the white man came along. Every culture and civilization has had its mode/system of imparting knowledge on later generations. The fact that the western form of education, which is acceptable universally, seems to be prevalent is simply because western culture and influence has permeated every sphere of human existence. That a certain number of people out of a whole decide to exhibit racial bias towards another group of people doesn’t make the whole bad. It’s irresponsible reporting like this that fosters animosity and irrational racial sentiment. Big fan of your online publication, but this is over the top.


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