U.K-Based Igbo Group Calls For Ekweremadu’s Resignation

Ike EkweremaduA pan-Igbo group based in the United Kingdom known as Concerned Diaspora Enugu West, has called on the Deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, to step down from the position without delay.

The group in a statement by its convener, Mr. Ignatius Ozoilo, pointed out that Ekweremadu had occupied the position since 2007 but had failed to make his impact felt.

The group also berated Ekweremadu for saying that his emergence as the Deputy Senate President despite being in the opposition, would be beneficial to the people of the South-East.

The statement read, “We have been deeply worried about the outcome of the leadership contest in the Senate on June 9 in which Senator Ekweremadu, representing Enugu-West senatorial district, put himself forward for the post of the Deputy Senate President

“While we concede that the interest to become part of the leadership of the National Assembly is a legitimate aspiration, we are of the view that it is not a right political decision for Senator Ekweremadu to become and remain the Deputy Senate President of the 8th Assembly.

“Senator Ekweremadu held on as Deputy Senate President for eight years and did so as a member of the then ruling Peoples Democratic Party. He had ample opportunity to use that position to improve the political, economic and social prospects of the country but regrettably he failed to demonstrate any particular sense of legislative acumen for the benefit of his constituency in particular and Nigeria in general”.

The group faulted Ekweremadu for running for the office of Deputy Senate President instead of borrowing a leaf from Leo Ogor, who refused the position of Deputy Speaker in the House of Representatives when he was offered the position.

It further said Ekweremadu’s emergence as the Deputy Senate President was a great disservice to Nigerians because the people of Nigeria wanted a change and Ekweremadu represents the old regime.

The group said there was nothing exciting about the South-East producing the Deputy Senate President because the zone was not given any special consideration from 1999 to 2007 when it produced five Senate Presidents.


  1. The Igbos should stop fighting among them self, if he is not there, who else should be there, you? who will let us know when Igbo haters are planning to kill us all, fool. Where are you in UK when the British look up only their own interest in support of wrong side of Nigerian politisians. They will only support us when oil is gone and no single development in South East for ever. You Igbo people in Britan should grow up. All you have to do is to be a Politicalconsultant to Senator Ekwerenmadu to protect Igbo peoples interest and support him.