‘Why We Want Abubakar Audu To Return As Kogi Governor’ – Kogi Youths

Abubakar AuduThe Kogi Youth Progressive Association, KYPA, has said it is throwing its weight behind Prince Abubakar Audu to emerge the governorship flag bearer of All Progressives Congress (APC) and to emerge as next governor of the state because he will bring about infrastructural development in the confluence state.

The KYPA spokesperson, Abdul Sanusi, said yesterday that there was apprehension in the state over the state of affairs and lack of infrastructural development hence the need for Audu to emerge as governor of the state.

“Kogi people are tired of the state of affairs. There are no new infrastructures apart from the one Prince Audu Abubakar left behind about 14 years ago. There is no way we can continue like this. This is why we are asking for him (Abubakar) to come back.

“Other states are moving especially in the realms of infrastructure and youth empowerment. We all know what Audu did for the state and its teeming youths. This has been lacking since he left, hence we have resolved that we should collectively work together to ensure his victory at the primaries of the APC and at the main election”, Sanusi said.

He, however, warned the youths to avoid activities capable of heating the polity and causing crisis but be strategic in their campaigns to ensure they realise their Audu Abubakar governorship dream and secure the future.