Ladies Should Stop Looking For Mr. Right – Susan Peters

Naija babes and their funny ways. When this same Susan Peters was in her 20s if you tell her to calm down, love your man sincerely and grow with him into your Mr. Right, she will say you are making noise.
But now that the actress is 35 years old she has suddenly realized there is nothing like Mr. Right. I tell you, it’s only a disciplined lady who’s not too arrogant that would take advise that can help her destiny.Read what Nollywood actress Susan Peters has to say about ladies looking for Mr. Right:

“There is nothing like Mr. Right, you will wait forever if you are looking for that. No one is perfect, just deal and learn to adjust to ones flaws. I am waiting for a rich guy or I’m waiting for a born again Christian. Ladies just like to deceive themselves.

“There is no such thing, only few people have the true meaning of ‘Fear of God’. As each day passes, we offend God with our thoughts and words, and God still forgives. Those guys who claim Mr. Right are the ones who end up betraying ladies.

“For the records, everyone’s parents trained them to the level they are, so both parties should be able to train each other if they are willing to learn.

“I too have my flaws but a man who truly loves me will be able to cope with me.”

– Actress Susan Peters



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