Boko Haram Insurgency In Nigeria Will End Soon – Archbishop Kalu

General Overseer of the House of Redemption International, Archbishop Kalu O. Kalu has called on Nigerians to pray without ceasing for the nation and its leaders. He assured that Boko Haram insurgency, among other evils in the different parts of the country.

Archbishop Kalu argued that the Boko Haram menace was politically motivated and since that purpose has been achieved there will naturally be a truce.

In an interview at the end of his church’s 4-day convention in Surulere, Lagos the cleric said Nigeria is passing through a phase, at the end of which the citizens will rejoice.

According to him, the current insurgency in parts of the North was organised for a political purpose, but now that that purpose has been achieved, the backers of the dream will back off soon.

“If the insurgency ended immediately after the elections everybody in the country would have been left with no alternative than to believe the rumours that have been flying around,” adding “but for its end, it will end very soon.”

He noted that Nigeria, as a nation, had been established by divine arrangement, therefore every attempt by individuals or groups to tear or balkanise the nation will come nought.

“This nation’s unity is by divine arrangement. Every nation goes through a phase and Nigeria is not an exception. Britain, America and all the developed nations of the world had gone their different phases and today, America is the most powerful nation of the world. Life is in phases and Nigeria is going through its own,” he explained.

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