I Will Marry A Ready-made Man, I Was Not Born To Suffer All My Life – Actress, Nazareth Jesse Bako Talks Marriage

Nazareth Jesse Bako isn’t a new face on the scene, she started acting as far back as 2001 even though her first appearance in a movie came about in 2004. If there’s really someone with an interesting background, Naz, as she is called by friends, has one to be proud of.


She was born in Jerusalem, brought up in Bida, Niger State. Both parents are from Kuje Area Council, Federal Capital City, Abuja. She graduated from University of Abuja with B.Sc. in Economics.

In a recent chat with Ayo Onikoyi, the actress said she receives countless marriage proposals every year but is yet to make up her mind with whom to settle down. When the time comes the actress has a clear vision the kind of man she wants to share her bed with for life.

“A man who is God-fearing and matured in heart and also caring. Once you have a man who loves God every other thing is secondary” she boldly told me.

But would she settle for a poor man that is God-fearing?

“There is nothing like a poor man in my diary. They will go for their class of women.

I want to marry a ready-made man. I was not born to suffer all my life. I have tried to get to where I am so settling down would be resting and giving birth to my kids and taking good care of them.

Source: Vanguard


  • Hmmm u r dreaming, hw did riches became rich today, they were once poor, or is there someone born wit huge of money dat kept him rich till date?? Hmm mind u poor ppl of nowadays maybe dangote(rich) tomorrow, its possible before God

  • Ur thinking is right, but do know the root of his wealth,a poor man of today can become rich tomorrow,do you ever think that a rich of today becoming poor tomorrow. Pls av a rethink

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