Recruitment Of 10,000 Police Officers Won’t Take Place Until… – Okiro

Mike-OkiroThe Chairman of the Police Service Commission, Mr Mike Okiro, on Thursday, said Nigeria currently has a deficit of 19,500 policemen.
He said the recruitment of 10,000 policemen promised by President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday, would not commence immediately because there are guidelines and procedures to be followed for such an exercise to take place.
He made this known while speaking with State House correspondents after members of the commission and officials of the Ministry of Police Affairs briefed the president of their activities inside the Presidential Villa, Abuja.
He noted that out of over 21,000 policemen who left the service as a result of death, retirement or dismissal, only 1,500 had been replaced.
This development, he said, had left a huge deficit that was currently affecting the operations of the Nigeria Police.
He said, “Over the years, more than 21,000 police officers have retired, some dismissed, some died between 2010 and today.
“Of this number, only about 1,500 have been replaced, leaving a deficit of a very large number.
“So we discussed this with Mr President. Of course, you are aware that a few days ago, Mr President said the police is going to embark on recruitment of 10,000 people.
“We discussed with him on modalities and how to ensure that the 10,000 people are recruited to maintain the security of Nigeria”.
When asked how soon the recruitment will commence, the former IGP said infrastructure had to be put in place before the exercise could be carried out.
He cited an example of the police training equipment, most of which he said had become obsolete.
He said while some of them had to be replaced, some others had to be renovated first before recruitment.
“There will be procedures and guidelines before recruitment takes place. So when all these things have taken place, the ‘i’ is dotted and ‘t’ is crossed, recruitment will start”, Okiro said.
He added that President Buhari assured him and his team that the police would be encouraged by being well-funded and well-equipped within the provisions of the budget to make sure Nigerians are provided with adequate security.
The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Police Affairs, Mr. James Obiegbu, said during the briefing, Buhari insisted that he was interested in the welfare of policemen.
Mr. Obiegbu quoted the president as promising that he would continue to support the police family to ensure that they were well provided for and their welfare taken care of.


  1. I salute the latest development in the Recruitment Exercise of the Nigerian Police under the auspices of Mr. President, the IGP and the Chairman of the Police Affairs. But please let the exercise be more credible without fair or favour.

  2. That’s why mr President is a trust-worthy father of Nigerian youths. We are blessed to have gotten a President who understands the plight of Nigerian youths. We trust that he will improve and change the present deplorable condition of the teaming unemployed Nigerian youths. I pray that almighty God will continue to keep our darling father and President of Nigerian masses. God will preserve his life. He will live longer than humans can ever espect. I will also want to use this avenue to implore our darling President to make sure that some people, particularly the influential people of our society do not hijack the recruitment process. The usual tradition in Nigeria whereby applicants would be shortlisted for exam and after the day of exam, you don’t hear anything again, may be you pass or otherwise. All you would see are candidates of governors, senators and other influential politicians that had alreadily been given job. We thank God we have a President with high reputation, that also belives in merit. Long live President Muhammadu Buhari, long live federal Republic of Nigeria.

  3. it is welcome development… The problem is there will be no fair trial in Nigeria recruitment generally… Is all about favouritisms…. Man know Man…. Let is be a free trail

  4. Please sir, we hope that this recrutment will include those that serve the service before they were dissmissed illegally or in that nature.

  5. Nigerians needs change, that’s why I personally voted for our dear President for change I pray God in heaven should straighten him to accomplish all his promises. I bag our dear President to start d recruitment of ten thousand men into Nigerian police am waiting general…….

  6. I Believe NigerianS Has Been Waiting For National Assembly To Pas 2016Budget,And The Budget Is Pass Yesterday Wednesday!Pls Ig This Is Ur Avenue To Tell Nigeria Mr President ThAt The Time Has Come For D Police Recruitment Bcs For Long Nigeria As A County Has Recuit Exercise Pls Nigerian Youth Need Employment

  7. i like to be the member of the police so that i need to hear the issue of that if they star taken the recruitment .

  8. wish to plead with the i.g.p , psc chairman and our great wonderful number one citizen of the country muhammadu buhari that it has always being my dream to serve and protect lives and properties of the people of our great nation thank you sir by sende sekav kenneth


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