Buhari’s Sense Of ‘Self-Supremacy’ Will Kill APC, LP Warns

National-Chairman-Labour-Party-Abdulkadir-AbdulsalamThe Labour Party has warned that President Muhammadu Buhari’s sense of ‘self-supremacy’ may spell the end for his party, the All Progressives Congress, and urged him to seek guidance from his party on some critical decisions, particularly on the formation of his cabinet.
The opposition party also said that from observation, the president appears to repose more confidence in the people he knew from his days at the defunct Congress for Progressive Change than the totality of the APC.
The LP National Chairman, Alhaji Abdulkadir Abdulsalam, made these observations and more while speaking with journalists at the party’s national headquarters in Abuja on Friday.
According to Abdulsalam, “The President is giving the impression that he is bigger, greater, wiser and more knowledgeable than his political party. That is why Buhari’s sense of self-supremacy will kill the party and that attitude is dangerous for Nigeria. The President should go back to the drawing board with his political party.
“I don’t know the versatility of Buhari in reaching out to people all over the country because he was a minister, governor, head of state, General and now a President. If with all these backgrounds and pedigree, he has so many people to rely upon at the blink of an eye to produce 30 people to occupy sensitive and prominent people, then there is problem ahead.
“I will advise the President to go back to his political party and have confidence in the party to enable him to do what he should do for Nigeria. The way I am seeing it now, Buhari has more confidence in members of the defunct CPC than the totality of APC”.
The LP, therefore, called on President Buhari to evolve confidence in the totality of APC members, relate and interact with them, get their advice and work out policies with them “because as of now, no party policy is working in APC”.
Commenting on the role of the Peoples Democratic Party as the opposition party, Abdulsalam pointed out that there was no difference between the governing party and the PDP, adding that the former ruling party did not have the capacity to play the role of opposition when compared with the LP.


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