The Complicated Gender – 12 Things Women Say vs What They Actually Mean

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The truth is, women are complicated. We play games, give hints and say just about anything other than what we really mean. Everything seems to have a deeper meaning or no meaning at all. It is crazy and confusing.

The worst part is that we expect the poor guys around us to decipher our madness and respond in the correct way. This unrealistic expectation has unfortunately led to many broken relationships and miscommunications.

It is difficult to understand women. We don’t even really understand ourselves half of the time! So, to help others avoid further confusion and hurt feelings, this list will aid men in interpreting common phrases the women in their lives say on a daily basis.

Here are 12 things women say verses what they actually mean:

1. “I’m fine…”

The proper response to this is, “Are you sure?” You might even want to ask this a couple times to be safe. She will not tell you that she is totally not fine the first time you ask. She is probably in need of a good cry, venting session or hug. However, you must first prove that you really care about how she is feeling.

2. “Sorry, what?”

Quickly, revaluate your previous statement. It is possible that she honestly didn’t hear you and would like you to repeat what you just said. Most likely, she heard you loud and clear. This is just your chance to change your answer.

3. “It’s okay.”

It is not okay. Take note of her body language and tone of voice. You might benefit from groveling on your hands and knees at this point.

4. “Does this make me look fat?”

This indicates she feels ugly and it is up to you to make her feel like the beautiful person she is. Do not mess this one up.

5. “Whatever.”

She knows that you have won this one, but is not ready to openly admit it and accept defeat. Be careful not to rub it in. You won’t be winning next time…

6. “Awww…”

Either she just saw or heard something absolutely adorable, or you just did something really sweet. Quickly check if there are any fluffy animals or gurgling babies in sight. If not, good job. Keep going in the direction you were headed.

7. “We need to talk.”

She has a lot of things to say. Get ready to listen and insert the right comments at the right times.

8. “Five minutes!”

It is going to take at least twenty. Maybe two hours. Whatever it ends up being, get ready to wait patiently. Do not rush her. (Tip: When she finally emerges from the bathroom, only comment on how gorgeous she looks. Don’t mention the time.)

9. “Yes.”

Sometimes this really does mean yes. Half the time it is a maybe or a no though. It is extremely hard to distinguish the difference. When in doubt, just assume that it is a real “yes” and hope for the best.

10. “Maybe…” or “No.”

No. Just no.

11. “Oh, you don’t need to get me anything.”

Notice the word “need” in this sentence. No, you don’t need to get her anything, but she secretly wants you to. Do not miss this opportunity to show her that your gift isn’t an act of duty. Show her you want to get her something anyway. You will score major points with this one.

12. “Do whatever you want.”

Alert! Alert! This is totally a test. Do not make the rookie mistake of thinking that she is actually fine with whatever you want to do. She is seeing if you know her well enough to be able to guess what she wants you to do. Why do women do this? I have no idea. But good luck.

Remember, these translations may not apply in every situation. Unfortunately there are no blanket interpretations that are guaranteed to be accurate every time. Much depends on the woman, her communication style and the context in which certain things are said. But hopefully, this list will give all you guys out there a good start!