Apologize To Kim Or I’ll Never Forgive You, Kanye Threatens Amber Rose


Famous American rapper, Kanye West has reportedly demanded his ex-girlfriend, Amber Rose apologizes to his wife, Kim Kardashian; if not, he’ll never forgive her for all the negative comments she’s said about him.

After so many years of feuding, Amber says she’s finally ready to let go of all the ‘negativity’ in her life and that includes the nasty comments her ex beau, Kanye made about her in a radio interview with ‘The Breakfast Club’.

At her SlutWalk in Los Angeles on October 3, the model said she’s forgiven Kanye and thinks she’ll be happier.

But a source tells HollywoodLife that Kanye is not ready to do the same unless Amber apologizes for every mean thing she’s ever said about Kim.

“He‘s heard about Amber‘s apology at her slut walk but doesn’t think it’s genuine. How are you going to apologize to the man but at the same time have your mother disrespect him? Amber is a fool if she thinks Kanye somehow feels sorry for her or thinks her apology was serious by crying as if he‘s going to give her sympathy. He‘s not Wiz. He‘s not impressed by Amber‘s crying game or her fake sincerity,” the source said.

“Amber needs to do better than that. If she really wants to impress Kanye, she’d have to do two things. The first, make absolutely certain that nothing in her book ‘How To Be A Bad Bitch’ disrespect or shows he and Kim in a negative light. And the second, she’d have to get down on her knees in front of Kim and beg The First Lady for forgiveness. She’d have to apologize to Kim and take back every mean thing she’s ever said about his wife. If she did that, Kanye may let her back into his good graces,” the source added.

In case you missed it, Amber got all emotional during her feminist protest telling hundreds of ‘walkers’ that, “I’ve decided to have this SlutWalk for women who have been through s–t. Even though I am up here crying, I want to be the strong person you all look up to and to apologize for all guys. I want to forgive Kanye about what he said about me. I want to let all of that negativity go.”

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