Breaking News: Amaechi Claims He’s Never Received Bribe At Ministerial Screening Today

Former Rivers State Governor Romtimi Amaechi was finally screened today be the Senators after postponements owing to allegations of corruption against him.

After few minutes of tension, the ministerial nominee was screened. He answered questions from Senators from the All Progressives Congress as the Senators from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) had elected not to ask him questions as they have petitions against him. He pointed out that the report of the Committee on Ethics, Privileges and Public Petitions was supposed to be debated by the Senate to determine whether Amaechi should be screened or not. However, the report was not considered.

Amaechi answered several questions including one from Senator Shehu Sanni on the definition of corruption.

According to him, it is very hard to define corruption as it goes beyond bribery. Favouritism, according to him, is a form of corruption.

The former governor, however, noted that he has never collected bribe.

Speaking further, Amaechi said: “We must improve on the Social Rights of the people; if you have peace you’ll have investors.”

“Why people don’t invest in Nigeria is because the cost of investment is higher than the profit,” he added.

Amaechi was the first ministerial nominee to be screened by the Senators.