3 Exciting Ways To Have A Merry Christmas Without Breaking The Bank

Christmas gifts

Christmas is here again and its barely 11 days away. Because everyday isn’t Christmas, everyone loves to have the best best possible celebration that the excitement would last till the next Christmas. With the bad economic situation in Nigeria presently, a lot of Nigerians might be discouraged from celebrating this ones in a year festivity. To help you out in this regard and ensure you have the best possible Christmas celebration, INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together these exciting tips on how to have a wonderful Christmas without having to break the bank…

Draw out your plans: There will always be bills to pay after the Christmas holidays, and when you spend too much to have a perfect Christmas holiday, by the time the bills pile up, the discomfort of paying them will erase all the joy and fun you had during the season. So don’t outdo yourself, the most important thing about the season is being alive and healthy to celebrate with your loved ones.

Prepare a budget and stick to it: Couples should come together and draw out their budget for the holiday period and by all means stick to it. For unmarried guys, please do not spend more than you earn to impress your girl this Christmas because if you think she would leave you, if you can’t give her those expansive Christmas gift, then be sure she would dump you, when you are unable to keep up in January

Take some time off: Just because it is the holidays, and you don’t have to go to work, doesn’t turn you into a tourist who is everywhere. Find some time to be by yourself and evaluate things; the ended year, the year to come, your goals and dreams and re-strategize.

To every Christmas, there is the emotional and financial side, the joy of spending time with loved ones you don’t get to see all year round and what gifts to get them. You don’t have to spend too much on Christmas decorations, you can buy not so expensive ones and decorate them in a simple yet elegant way. The truth is, people who love you, are more interested in spending time with you, than what you really have to offer. So have a Merry Christmas everyone!!!



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