SEE The Man Who Puts Venomous Snake Through His Nose And Pulls It Out Of His Mouth | PHOTOS, VIDEO

Meet a Pakistani snake charmer who entertains his spectators by inserting venomous reptiles into his nose and pulling them out from his mouth.

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Igbal Jogi is a professional snake swallower, who has been performing the jaw-dropping trick for the past 12 years. And although he makes roughly $8 dollars for each performance he is not going to stop, as it’s the only way he can feed his big family — five daughters and three sons.

Speaking about the perils his occupation holds Jogi said: “I am proud of my talent. Of course I know it involves huge risk but I feel good when people anxiously wait to see if the snake would come out and scream in excitement when they see both the snake and me alive. Once, it was about to come out when the venomous snake bit me.


Within seconds I lost consciousness and was battling for life for three days. I was given a new lease of life by my teacher who cured me with his mantras and prayers. I understand it can kill me but the only way I can earn a living is by showing this act. I pray before every performance that the snake doesn’t kill me and I stay alive so I can perform the next day.”


The 30-year-old is a renowned snake-charmer, he travels around nearby villages and shows his unusual talent at weddings and other local celebrations. Iqbal, who perfroms his dangerous stunts on a daily basis, wants to get national recognition for his talent and he is definitely deserves it.

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