SEE The 5 Things Nigerians Are Hoping For In 2016


As we eagerly count down to 2016, a lot of Nigerians are hopeful for the new year for so many reasons especially because it would be a new beginning for new possibilities. In light of these expectations, INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together the five things Nigerians would love to see happen in the new year…

Stable power: Every well meaning Nigerian want Nigeria to develop and this can not happen with the frequent interruption in power we are currently experiencing, hence the hope for stable electricity supply to speed up our development as a nation.

Fuel: Nigerians are tired of the long queues at petrol stations, hence hope that the government does something to remedy the scarcity situation in the country.

Job creation: To state that many Nigerians are unemployed is to state the obvious. As Nigerians welcome the new year. they are hoping for a year where this unemployment menace is totally eradicated.

Corrupt officials punished: It is not uncommon in Nigeria to see the arrest of alleged corrupt officials only to see them released the next couple of days. It will make a lot of Nigerians feel good to know that corrupt officials are brought to book in 2016.

Strong economy: The economic situation in Nigeria is definitely at its lowest and ordinary Nigerians are at the receiving end. Therefore a strong economy is something that most Nigerians hope for in 2016.

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