Jafaru Isa Returns Loot: SEE The 5 Things This Shows About Buhari’s Anti-corruption War


Mr. Isa, a retired brigadier-general and APC chieftain, who was arrested on Wednesday by operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, at his Asokoro residence in Abuja, according to new report has refunded N100million of the N170 million he allegedly received from embattled ex-NSA, Sambo Dasuki. This development has shown a few things about the ongoing anti-corruption war. INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together in this piece 5 things to note from Isa Jafaru’s return of stolen loots…

1. If the EFCC can arrest a Buhari ally, then it shows that the present administration is serious about fighting corruption to the minimal.

2. It gives hope that the Buhari administration would be able to recover a large chunk of Nigeria’ stolen money.

3. It goes a long way to show that the fight against corruption is not a hoax afterall.

4. It shows that Buhari may not imprison looters if they comply with EFCC directive of refunding their loots.

5. Instead of the PDP continuous allegation that Buhari’s anti corruption crusade is aimed at witch hunting the PDP enchelons, then they should rather compel their members who have looted public funds to return it and let the public test Buhari’s sincerity.

What do you think???


  • When I told people initially that Buhari is still the same Buhari of war against indiscipline with Idiagbon of old but now with democratic policy. He’s truly a man of integrity, I have respect for him & praying for more of his stuff & quality in our nation, notwithstanding am one of his kind. What about you that is reading this comment now?

  • This seems purely arranged to intelligent and discerning minds. Who is Jafaru Isa in the political scheme of things? While I also applaud the recent clampdown on looters, this continued lopsided approach is discounting it’s merit. Please why has the principal actors in APC so far indicted (tinubu, amaechi, Sylvia and even PMB himself for 3 armoured jeeps and $300, 000) not yet taken on?

  • Na wash, he is witch hunting, PDP members. When there were supporting him with stolen found he did nt say a word. Is now he knows is stolen founD. Live dat man abeg.

  • Pdp is a scrooge. They would rather condemn than do things right, a group thieves fighting for the right to continue stealing

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