Late Tor Tiv Won’t Be Buried With Human Head – Burial C’ttee

Tor TivAs preparations enter top gear for the burial of the paramount ruler of the Tiv nation, late Tor Tiv, Chief Alfred Torkula, the Central Planning Committee for the burial has said that contrary to insinuations, the deceased would not be buried with a human head.

Chairman of the Committee, Brig.-General Atom Kpera (retd), who stated this while briefing newsmen Friday as part of activities for the burial of the late Chief Torkula, said the Tiv tradition does not believe in sacrificing human beings as part of burial rites for the passage of its monarchs.

“The Tiv tradition does not involve burying mon­arch with anybody. Nobody should entertain any fear at all as the Tor Tiv will not be buried with the head of anybody. All the Tor Tivs are buried in one place and that is why we have told you that the burial would be conducted by a Catholic priest”, Kpera said.

The committee chair disclosed that the weeklong programme of activities for the burial started with the traditional wake keep by each of the Tiv intermediate areas of Jemgbagh, Jechira, Kwande, Sankera and Minda as well as Tiv in diaspora and friends of the Tiv nation taking their turns each day.

He stated further that by next Wednesday, the Ijir Tamen would sit at the traditional council chamber where the traditional inquest/valedictory session would be held.

It would be recalled that the late Tor Tiv and Chairman of the Benue Council of Traditional Rulers passed away on November 23, 2015 at the age of 71.

The activities for his burial is billed to start from January 28 through February 4th when he would finally be interred.