Buhari Is Not The Messiah – Kwakpovwe

Dr Chris

Publisher of the daily devotional booklet, Our Daily Manna, Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe has dismissed belief that President Muhammadu Buhari is Nigeria’s messiah.

“President Buhari is not the messiah; he is only preparing the way for the messiah who will eventually emerge. Buhari is like the John the Baptist. As a politician, Buhari will bring about some changes if he maintain his integrity and genuinely probe those he ought to probe,” Bishop Kwakpovwe said in an interview his ministry’s annual world anointing service scheduled for next Friday at the Tafawa Balewa Square TBS, Lagos.

“The messiah who will genuinely transform our country will emerge. Buhari is not the messiah but we should be hopeful that one day, we will sing a new song,” he stated.

Speaking further, the cleric, who said he believes in the unity of Nigeria, argued that the peace of the country has enjoyed since after the Nigerian Civil War should not be broken by digging up residues of hate.

He, therefore, enjoined all the pro-Biafra protesters to tread with caution, sheathe their swords and dialogue with constituted authorities on issues that would bring about unity, peace and progress of the country.

“There is nothing like Biafra. Biafra is like thick cloud without water or rain. There will be no civil war, our brothers in the South East will enjoy President Muhammadu Buhari. They should just allow peace to reign. Whatever challenges, disagreements that may have re-surfaced, are not beyond our collective ability to resolve,” the Bishop said.


  1. @ kwakpovwe you will not die. But you will leave to see Biafra freedom soon. Theris a Nation called BIAFRA! WE ARE GOING! IT IS THE WILL OF GOD FOR US TO GO!

    • Stop the idle talk about Biafra. It is dead because those angling for it are hungry, selfish individuals who are seeking cheap recognition and settlement.
      Do you know the net-worth of Uwazuruike?, go to Owerri Municipal and ask

  2. We expect men of God to be bold enough to speak out against corruption and looting. Did PMB declare himself a messiah, his commitment to fight the corruption disease should be encouraged.
    Mindless Looters have committed crime against Nigerians dead and alive, very few men of God have risen to support his effort, rather they sit in the fence. The cry of the Chibok girls,thousands of IDPs and dead Nigerians will get vengeance from God.


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