4 Harmless Nigerian Names With Derogatory Undertone


Nigerians have absolutely no chill. A Nigerian could say one thing and actually mean another. Oftentimes when a Nigerian says something that looks harmless on the surface, it doesn’t necessary mean that’s all to it as it can carry a derogatory meaning. So you our readers would know when a friend is throwing shades at you under the guise of complementing you with a name that isn’t yours, INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together these 4 names that are friendly on the surface but actually represents an insult underneath…


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Aboki is an Hausa term for friend in it’s true meaning. However in recent times it has been used to refer to casual workers who are Hausa.


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Omo Ibo: This means a person who is Igbo in Yoruba language. However, the term is now being used to classify people who are tight-fisted, over-zealous when it comes to money or when a Yoruba person wants to make a non-Yoruba feel less worthy.

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Mallam: in Nigeria, a Mallam is a title and form of address for a learned or educated Muslim man but often times, when someone calls another a Mallam in Eastern, Southern and Western Nigeria, it iusually means a stupid person.


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Adamu: Is a name just like Adam for a boy child, however when a Nigerian calls someone ‘Adamu’, the last thing on his mind is the name as what he actually means is someone who is grossly incompetent.

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