Did You Know Your Dryer Wrecks Your Cloth? SEE How…

The way you wash clothes is probably doing a LOT of harm. The reason is unexpected: the dryer. Turns out it is evil for your garments!


There are two ways dryers destroy clothing:

1. Dryers shrink clothing.

A recent study confirmed that the dryer shrinks clothing twice as much as washing alone. The study says that the temperature of tumble drying isn’t what causes shrinkage — it’s the agitation and forced air that affects the fabric’s size.

2. The agitation of tumble drying produces microscopic wear to your clothing.

The study found that towels washed and dried 20 times lost 50% of their tensile strength.

How can you avoid this?

Easy: avoid the dryer. Put shirts and pants on hangers after a washing cycle, and hung up in your closet or bathroom to dry. Use the dryer only for undergarments, towels, socks, and other miscellaneous items.

Your clothes will ultimately thank you!

Source: Businessinsider


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