5 Types Of Students You Are Most Likely To Meet In A Nigerian University


Ayodele Daniel Dada recently became the first person in Nigeria to graduate with a CGPA of 5.0 after he graduated from the department of Psychology University of Lagos. Ayodele scored ‘A’ in every single course he offered in his 4 years stay at the school. While some people may be busy down playing what he did, probably because he didn’t study medicine or engineering, we think it is an enviable feat and INFORMATION NIGERIA in this regard wants you to know 5 types of students you are most like to find in a Nigerian University…

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‘Spiricocos’: This might not be an English word but it is a word anyone who went to a University in Nigeria knows too well. These set of student have a lifestyle that no one can miss. From hostel to Class, then to Church, and back to the Hostel again. That is how it goes from semester to semester until they graduate. If you stayed in the hostel, then you must have met thede ones who pray fervently from dusk to dawn.

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Cooks: These ones could cook for the whole of Africa. They probably cook as if they are practising for the world chef competition and if you look at it very well, they very well may be as they end up cooking the semester away. From class to the market, then to the kitchen and the circle goes on.

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Dressers: You see them and wonder if they spend all their allowances on just clothes. They walk about in the finest linen like they have a personal shopper and a stylist. 


‘Efficos’: Mr Dada obviously falls into this category. From class to the library to the secluded reading spot to the reading bed to the reading toilets and bathrooms. Seriously, these ones read and read and make other students scared. Different schools have different names for them, there is jackometer, jackophite, scholar, scholar emeritus etc.


Socialists: They have all the friends in all the departments, know everything going on in the nook and cranny of campus and attend all the parties there is to throw in the semester. A couple of them attend class too but probably not as much as they attend social events.

These are our top five – Do add yours!!!



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