Checkout The Controversial Artwork Khloe Kardashian Has In Her House [Photo]

Reality TV star Khloe Kardashian posted on her website a picture of actress Raquel Welch wearing a bikini on a crucifix which she called ‘feminist’ and ‘dope’ telling people that feel pissed off by the artwork to f*** off. Khloe wrote on her blog:

‘The picture was shot in 1966 to symbolize how Welch was “crucified” by the entertainment industry for her sexu@lity. I love old Hollywood, love Raquel Welch and especially love the meaning behind the piece. It was way before its time! It’s just a dope piece of feminist art.’ she added. ‘I’ll probably get a lot of s*** for having this because people will say it’s sacrilegious, but it’s my house, so f*** off, LOL.’



Source: Linda Ikeji Blog