Over $200b Of Nigeria’s Stolen Money Stashed Away In Dubai – Sen. Sani

Shehu-SaniAt least $200 billion looted from Nigeria’s treasury in the last 20 years may have been stashed in the United Arab Emirates by former public officers and their agents/fronts, the Senate Committee Chairman on Foreign and Domestic Debts, Shehu Sani, has disclosed.
Sani (APC/Kaduna Central), made the shocking disclosure yesterday in Abuja in a parley with newsmen.
It would be recalled that Nigeria in January, signed a Mutual Legal Assistance with the UAE – a country identified by the President Muhammadu Buhari administration as a safe haven for former corrupt public officials.
According to the senator, “Over $200 billion are stashed away in Dubai alone. This may be the monies stolen in the last 20 years. I am not talking about estates and bonds and other securities bought with Nigeria’s stolen money”.


  1. As much as one would like to pick some points from the senator’s remark one is equally at across road in actually looking at the degree of corruption among Nigerians. The senator was seen at a function organized by an outgoing governor in the southwest who was known for high level of arrogance, corruption and maladministration. One begins to wonder what manner of senator Sanni is with his close association with the corrupt in the society.