Hollande Faces Off With French Unions Over Labour Reform


New labor reforms look set to signed into as soon as next week and public opinion is well against French President, Francois Hollande. The reforms are to be debated at France’s upper house as the President asserted that the reform “is going to go through because it has been debated, agreed on and amended”.

The new labor reforms ensure that employers will find it easier to hire and fire workers as President Hollande insists that the new laws are for the benefit of everyone as his administration attempts to reduce its unemployment rate from 10%.

French Protesters

The new law has been strongly resisted by Unions and polls suggest that up to 90% of France’s work force oppose the new laws. The strike commenced on Tuesday and will again continue on Thursday as protesters took to the streets with some of the protests turning violent in the city of Rennes.

The Transport unions have planned rolling strikes on Tuesday and Thursdays every week up until July as they butt heads with a government which has refused to back down.

Hollande condemned the violence on Tuesday while acknowledging the right of citizens, “Demonstrating is a right, but smashing things up is a crime,” He said.