President Buhari Is Too Old To Rule This Country – Fayose


Ekiti State Governor Ayodele Fayose said although he criticizes President Muhammadu Buhari, he has nothing against the personality of the president. However, he said that the world democracy no longer lives on old leaders.

Fayose said this on Tuesday, while speaking on the topic: “Journalism and Politics; two sides of a coin,” at the World Press Freedom Day organised by the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Oyo State Council.

He said it was wrong for the president to believe he could use the policies he adopted to tackle national problems over 30 years ago as head of state to solve current national challenges.

“President Buhari is too old to rule this country and that is why there is problem in this country now. He is like my grandfather. Nigeria should not produce any president that is over 60 years,” Fayose said.

“World democracy don’t parade octogenarians again. Young people should rise up to challenge the older generation. Maybe that is why there is a law that a pilot should not fly an aircraft after 65 years of age,” he said.

The governor advised journalists in the country to hold politicians accountable for their deeds and character while in office, in order to save the country from going down.

“You are the last hope of common man. When journalists support looters, there is confusion of vision. Journalists should shy away from it. Bad politicians should be brought to justice. Don’t write about issues you don’t know. Don’t rely on what a politician told you of his supposed enemy and don’t inherit his enemies. Journalists must help bring corrupt politicians to justice.

“When politicians are going wrong, let them feel the heat first from you. Most politicians are using journalists in Nigeria for their dirty jobs and they are supporting wicked politicians. Journalists in Nigeria always shy away from the truth because they are self-centred and greedy. As a journalist, you need to discharge your duty without fear or favour.

“Politicians have no address and this is why it is possible for a politician to defect from PDP after 12 years to APC and is being celebrated as a saint. Journalists should stop supporting and having soft spots for political parties and politicians. Some of you have sympathy for PDP or APC. Don’t join our battle. You are the hope of the common man and the only thing they can enjoy,” Fayose said.

“Nigeria needs you more than politicians. When you pervade the truth, Nigeria is in trouble. We are in the wrong direction in this country and it is time to keep all of us on course.

“Journalists need to put politicians on their toes. Anybody that encroaches our constitution must be brought to book; you must defend our constitution. The career of most journalists that dabbled into politics had been destroyed.

“This is an era of public governance and in the last 12 months, we have never had it so bad in this country. No fuel, no electricity and I can categorically tell you that we are in the wrong direction as Nigerians. I am pleading with you, save Nigeria,” he said.

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