Alleged Forgery Case, Plot To Silence Me, Ekweremadu Tells US, EU, Others

Ike EkweremaduThe embattled deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, has written to the United Nations, European Union, the United States’ Congress, the EU Parliament, Governments of United States, United Kingdom and other foreign missions, over his trial for alleged forgery of the Senate standing rule.

The deputy Senate president raised the alarm over what he described as an attempt to truncate Nigeria’s hard-earned democracy and “silence me as the leader and highest ranking member of the opposition in the country, all in the name of prosecuting an alleged forgery case”.

The two-page document, entitled: “Re: Trumped Up Charges Against the Presiding Officers of the 8th Senate: Nigerian Democracy is in Grave Danger”, Mr. Ekweremadu urged the international community, to “after perusing the facts before them, decide whether or not the trial was justified, or one purely borne out of political vendetta”.

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He attached copies of the court summons and other documents relating to the matter to his letter.

He also claimed that the South-east and South-south geo-political zones were being marginalized under the government of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The letter reads in part: “You may further wish to judge for yourself whether this unfolding scenario, coupled with the clampdown on the opposition, such as targeted arrests and indefinite detention of opposition figures and dissenting voices in spite of court pronouncements and in clear violation of the Nigerian constitution, as well as the sustained marginalization of the South-East and South-South geopolitical zones of Nigeria, does not constitute a grave danger to the nation’s hard-won democracy.

“Moreover, the rules and principles of fair hearing have not been adhered to because the police have not interacted with me or the President of the Senate as at the time of writing this letter.

“You may also wish to judge for yourself whether this trial orchestrated against me is not a political trial, calculated witch-hunt, barefaced intimidation, and a clear attempt to emasculate the parliament and silence me as the leader and highest ranking member of the opposition in Nigeria.

“Meanwhile, it could also be recalled that an attempt was made on my life on November 17, 2015. The Nigerian security agencies did nothing, even though the incident was duly reported”.


  1. Who you be? Who are you? I do not see your function in the Nigeria senate and to me and some others is like Nigeria is wasting resources in having you in that post,paying you for doing nothing only to propose pensions for your self and some of your cohorts who are forger and thieves like you who are bend in destroying Nigeria as a nation for many years stealing from the treasures with you and your senate president who paddle budget only to claim that govt have been hijacked. You guys don’t’t have to tell us this let the court decide .kirikiri and kuje is waiting for you guys