Senator Tinubu Called Me A Dog And I Reacted, Says Dino Melaye

Dino-MelayeSenator Dino Melaye (APC, Kogi West) on Thursday denied widely circulated reports that he threatened to “beat up and impregnate” Senator Oluremi Tinubu (APC, Lagos Central).

Melaye had in an executive session of the Senate on Tuesday, clashed with Mrs. Tinubu.

During their heated exchange, the Chairman of the Senate Committee on FCT was reported to have used expletives and rained invectives on the wife of the national leader of his party, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

The development made her husband to issue a statement warning the Kogi senator.

“Dino Melaye sank to the lowest ever on Tuesday. From this point, it is downhill for him. A disgrace to the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“If Dino thinks nothing will happen if he dares to beat up another senator, then he must be living in a fool’s paradise. Things will happen”, said Tinubu’s spokesman, Sunday Dare, on Twitter.

But while addressing newsmen at the Senate today, Melaye admitted using harsh words, but did not say what exact words he used.

He said he did not use “insolent, abusive, degrading and mannerless language against any Senator”, adding that he abused Mrs. Tinubu because she called him a thug and dog during the executive session.

Reacting to claims that he said he was going to impregnate the Lagos senator, the former House of Representatives member said that was not true as according to him, “It is not biologically correct for me to impregnate her because she has attained Menopause”.

Giving his own account of what transpired during the closed-door session on Tuesday, Melaye said when Tinubu was recognized to speak by Senate President Bukola Saraki, for reasons best known to her, rather than address issues at hand, she accused him of harassing her.

“She went ahead to say that why would he (Melaye) come here and be threatening senators and there was a large chorus from senators. At that point I was still calm. She got up again and said that this thug must be tamed”, he narrated.

Senator Melaye said it was when the former Lagos first lady likened him to a thug that he got infuriated and in his words, “told her that she was very stupid”.

His reaction, he claims, led to his being called a “dog” by Senator Tinubu.

“She called me a dog, and when she called me a dog I stood up and reacted and I told her that this was not Bourdillon (in reference to the famed residence of the Tinubu’s in Ikoyi, Lagos) and she should look at my face, I am not one of those senators who normally come to prostrate to them in Bourdillon|”.

In direct reference to his non-allegiance to the APC leader, who single-handedly controls the politics of Lagos, Melaye pointed out that he is from Kogi and Tinubu’s political influence does not extend to the middle-belt state.

Senator Melaye also accused his colleague of selling what he called falsehood to an online news platform, saying none of the senators that spoke during the executive session mentioned the impeachment of President Muhammdu Buhari.

“The issue of the Presidency was not the subject matter but because of deliberate wickedness and satanic manifestation, they brought in the issue of Presidency to garnish their aim and purpose”, he added.


  1. Melaye, just listen to yourself ‘it is not biologically correct for me to impregnate her because she has attained Menopause’. How did you know that? This actually implies that you actually have made derogatory statements against the Lady Senator. By the words that comes out of their mouth, you shall know them. I now believe that you’re actually a wife beater as was reported before.

  2. What did Senator Mrs Tinubu say to Dino. Did she use bad words first or at all. Judgment of the insult should start from who first abused each other. Gender should b set aside. Both are senators.Does d woman show respect to other senators,did she provoke Dino…etc


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