How To Apply for Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) Latest Recruitment

Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) logoIt is no longer news that the Federal Civil Service Commission, FCSC, has announced vacancies in 11 Ministries, Departments and Agencies namely;

  1. Federal Ministry of Education
  2. Federal Ministry of Employment, Labour & Productivity
  3. Federal Ministry of Finance
  4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  5. Federal Ministry of Information & Culture
  6. Federal Ministry of Power, Works & Housing
  7. Federal Ministry of Science & Technology
  8. Federal Ministry of Transportation
  9. Office of the Auditor-General for the Federation
  10. Office of the Surveyor-General of the Federation and;
  11. Bureau of Public Procurement

To view the various vacancies (67 in number) under these MDAs, visit

Now, to the interesting part, the FCSC optimized the recruitment portal to accept applications via smartphones tablets laptops, PCs, etc. However, ability to connect and navigate the portal will also depend on your internet speed, type of browser and internet/data services.


Visit the recruitment portal, check out the available vacancies and click on the “View More” button to check if your qualifications match the requirements for the job. If it does, scroll to bottom of page and click on “Apply” button.


After you’ve visited the recruitment portal above, you’ll have to first register an account, login to apply or manage your profile and then search for available jobs.

To register on the portal, you must provide a valid email address, working phone number, surname & password.

Important Notice: If you registered before 8:00am 20th of September, 2016 and have not received your activation and verification email by 12: noon 20th of September, 2016, your email will be activated after 2:00pm on 20th of September, 2016, you will be able to login and begin the process of completing an application.

I was a victim of the above notice – I registered my account but when I checked my email address for the confirmation link, it was neither in my inbox or spam folder. So, I wait till 12noon today, Tuesday, September 20, 2016.

Note that without the activation link, you cannot proceed with the application process.

According to information available on the recruitment portal, the online application completion and submission process is part of the candidate’s selection process and any applicant who submits more than one application for the same vacancy, will be automatically disqualified.

It also states that the application form contains 18 sections including biographical data; schools & education certificates, employment history, etc. You’re also advised to use the “Save Draft” button as often as possible while completing the form.

The application process, which is estimated to take on the average 30 minutes to complete the form, can be edited even after submission by clicking the “My Portal” menu before the application period elapses, which is on October 31, 2016.

I hope you found the above information helpful? That’s the much I can provide as I await the activation link by noon today or just go ahead and login and begin the process of completing my application after 2pm.

All the best to every applicant!


  1. I have registered but an activation mail was not sent to me. Ive checked my spam mail and others but no mail was sent. What could be the problem?

  2. I created email and register for Nigerian civil services commission, so when I try to login so that I will apply but it said that I have not active my account, so please help me because I don’t know what to do now.

  3. Can someone help us contact the FCSC application web managers? I have registered up to four different emails and only one activation link was sent since yesterday. The only link sent returns an invalid activation link when I tried to follow it. I have not been able to log in for any of the applicants.
    I don’t seem to see any link for assistance or complaints on the website.

  4. I and my wife did register on the 19th September, 2016. Up till now, no response or link to follow for the completion of the application.
    Reading from the information about talking about 20, and we registered on the 19th. Can we go on to re-register or should we still expecting a link from fcsc?
    I await your response admin. Thank you.

  5. I have registered with a valid gmail account written in the email column above and am yet to see any reply and as well the link that can me to proceed in registering.Please what can i do..Looking forward to your reponse.Thank you

  6. I thought I was the only one with the same issue.I even created a new email address for it yet no email was sent to computer is even angry with them now.

  7. Please i have managed to cross the hurdle of registration and have commenced application. However, i got to page 5, where i am expected to fill in my residential address, and in the part that says LGA , there are no options to select and this part is compulsory so i have not been able to proceed to the next page. Is anyone else having this problem, please? What do i do? Thank you

  8. I am equally having the same problem, I have already registered with both my email and Gmail account, still yet I have not received any activation link.

  9. I have registered with a valid gmail account written in the email column above and am yet to see any reply and as well the link that can me to proceed in registering.Please what can i do..Looking forward to your reponse.Thank you

  10. please somebody should help me out of this challenges, i ve registered and there send me my feedback that my registration is successful and i will received activation code from my email since 20/09/2016.Since then no activation code send to my mail i have decided to registered again and there ll said ur email register i proceed to next step to login there ll send ur email and password is invalid.Please someone should help…..?

  11. I was able to register, and I’ve received the link for my username and password yesterday around 7am. I waited till this morning to log in through the link but it will just load and show a blank page. Pls, what is expected of me to do. Hoping to receive a prompt response from you. Thanks

  12. I have gone to the last stage 18 for registration but I click the summit. its repuse to said successful and you said if apply two times you are automatically disqualified.

  13. After being registered, I tried filling the form at the second page but, the Local Government Area (LGA) did not open for me to chose my LGA of my origin. so, I could not proceed to the next stage of registration. please kindly help me out.

  14. the portal has refused to open. it keep telling me to retry at 11:pm for which I did throughout the night but to no avail now it says 8: am but its keep saying it under going maintainance
    pls someone help.

  15. Registered but no confirmation email sent after 1 week. Checked Inbox and Spam but no mail from FCSC. Tried to login but response is not registered. Even tried to get new password and reponse is “Password reset is not allowed for this user”. How do i complete registration before the deadline? and is there a number or email to lay complaint directly to FCSC?

  16. I have register an account for the federal civil service recruitment but to continue the registration processes is a problem through the link: login and manage your profile is also a problem, what can i do to continue, please I need an urgent answer now.

  17. Mine i was able to create my account but i do not whether is an oversight or deliberate that under educational qualification NABTEB was excluded that means those with NABTEB results are not legible to apply with the commission?

  18. after i have successfully applied, i viewed all what i filled but i could not see my tertiary institution which i filled and some other things like that…all i could see was digits in closed brackets

  19. please i applied and click save draft but when i try to submit, they said we r sorry, it seems you have already submitted and there was no slip or evidence to show that i have successfully completed it, please i need an advice on whlat to do.thank you

    • Go to MY PORTAL and click on MY APPLICATIONS to be sure it was successfully submitted. if it was, it will be displayed there and you can edit, delete and o whatever else you like.

  20. please, ve registered since on the 10th of October, ve being checking my mail but no tried to register again but said my mail ve been registered..please helpme out

  21. Pls since last month I was able to fill the application form just yesterday/today but could not submit, keep saying error on page. I started all over again, it is still the same error massage. anybody with any clue?

  22. Help!!!!! The application page doesn’t load the ‘Save Draft’ button and when i click on submit, it only load a blank page….. as at 16th and 17th oct. 2016

  23. @Bridget, I hv successful registered and submitted my application but no application ID was issued to me after the summision, and two weeks later I was sent a text through my email that my password and my email had been changed and I should contact their webmaster with their email address sent to me if I did not, several attempts had been made to reach the web admin and no response to that effect.
    The most painful side is that I can’t access my portal or login to my page again ever since.
    What step will I fellow?


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