5 Foods that Are Stressing You Out


If you think that stress makes you eat… get ready to flip the script:

Some foods actually make you stressed, anxious, even sad!

1. Cupcakes

Well, anything sugary, may put certain people at higher risk for depression. Research shows it has something to do with the high glycemic index.

2. This includes refined carbohydrates

Such as white bread and pasta, too!  Whole grains are okay, but refined carbs do nothing for your mental health, even if the comfort food seems comforting at the time.

3. Turning to fried foods may actually make you feel fried

French fries or fried chicken may seem like a treat, but the oils, if still made with trans fat, have been linked to depression. Luckily, all trans fats have been banned in foods by 2018.

4. Don’t worry, we’re not taking away your java jolt completely

But coffee, despite some noted health benefits, is a diuretic, which means it can make you dehydrated. It can also interfere with sleep, not so great for your mental state. Plus, it has been linked to anxiety when consumed in high doses.

5. And, you knew this was coming: alcohol

While wine seems like the perfect pick-me-up, it actually does the opposite. Alcohol is a known depressant. So watch the wine if you feel like you’re  starting to whine to your friends too much.